CIM Pilots New Full Admissions System with DecisionDesk

The Cleveland Institute of Music and DecisionDesk have worked closely together since DecisionDesk was founded in 2010. CIM was one of 12 higher education institutions to beta test DecisionDesk during its inaugural year. In fact, Co-Founders John Knific and Marc Plotkin are alumni of the joint program between CIM and Case Western Reserve University.

With this pilot program, CIM and DecisionDesk are executing two larger visions. The first is to create a single place for admissions and faculty to manage all application and audition materials. The second is a common application for performing arts programs whereby applicants can have audition recordings reviewed by multiple institutions throughout the world.

"For years, both applicants and review institutions have struggled with the inefficiencies embedded within the inter-related challenges of application preparation, deadlines, mail transmission, processing, distribution for review and decision making. With the possibilities embedded with an integrated digital process, this program presents the opportunity for a paradigm shift that serves applicants, reviewers and organizations in an organized, efficient and effective manner," explains Adrian Daly, Dean of the Conservatory at CIM.

The management team at DecisionDesk has collaborated directly with Dean Daly and Director of Admission William Fay to design new features for this platform. The new DecisionDesk system is a unique merger of enterprise grade application tracking and an online video platform.

DecisionDesk currently manages auditions for 17 of the top 30 performing arts programs in thecountry and has tripled in size from 20,000 to 60,000 applicants over the past year.

DecisionDesk CEO John Knific is excited by the pace of development, stating "it's rare to see higher education institutions take risks and be innovative when it comes to enterprise systems."

He continues, "To move from beta test, to audition management, to full admissions processing in less than three years has been astonishing. We have CIM to thank for taking that bet and trusting us to continue innovating."

DecisionDesk continues to collaborate with CIM and other institutions on future platform features and looks forward to additional higher education institutions joining for the 2013-2014 admissions cycle.

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