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The Cleveland Institute of Music offers students the opportunity to broaden their musical education experience by studying at selected institutions in other countries. CIM partners with the schools below and has agreements for direct reciprocal exchanges, simultaneous student-for-student exchanges involving two teachers of the same instrument.

A CIM student interested in pursuing a semester of study at one of these schools discusses the possibility first with her/his principal teacher, soliciting the teacher's judgment about the proposal and advice on an appropriate international colleague with whom to seek to study (See Conservatory Catalog, Study Abroad). Participating students proceed through normal admission procedures at the target institution and may need to satisfy language or other requirements prior to the exchange semester.

International students at the undergraduate level are able to enroll in CIM's Artist Certificate Program; graduate students enter the Professional Studies Program. They should consult their current school's international-exchange personnel and the CIM Conservatory Catalog (International Students) for details. The CIM application must be completed by October 1st for spring semester and December 1st for the following fall. A DVD audition is required.

Participating International Partners