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    September 26, 2014, 8:00 pm
    Mixon Hall

    Ivan Zenaty, violin

  • The Next Generation

    October 8, 2014, 11:30 am
    Westwood Country Club, 22625 Detroit Rd., Rocky River

    A CIM Women's Committee Musical Luncheon 



    November 5, 2014, 7:30 pm
    Kulas Hall

    HANDEL Alcina

    David Bamberger, director
    Cleveland Institute of Music Orchestra
    Harry Davidson, conductor


The Cleveland Institute of Music and Case Western Reserve University have taken advantage of their physical proximity in University Circle by forging agreements and collaborations in information technology, library services and acquisitions, housing and dining, and the 40-year-old Joint Music Program (JMP).

It is the JMP that permits CIM and CWRU to offer music degree programs shaped by the distinctive features and strengths of both institutions without wasteful duplication. Music students at both institutions take their applied study and eurhythmics and theory classes at a world-renowned conservatory and their music history and general education classes with scholars at a major research university. Every student is a winner!

While some students choose to pursue a double-degree option, necessitating acceptance into both institutions and at least five years of study, most CIM students simply move back and forth between the two schools, reaping the enormous educational benefits of the JMP and graduating with an uncommon, if not unique, "conservatory education." Some have augmented their professional plans and capabilities in CWRU's early music offerings, and all can enjoy access to CWRU's fitness facilities and student services. Interestingly, the JMP functions virtually seamlessly; so invisibly, in fact, that students often pursue their degree programs without knowing of its existence. CWRU's music history offerings are listed in CIM's Conservatory Catalog with only the MUHI prefix on course numbers providing the clue as to which institution "owns" the course. For the CWRU student, the MUTH (Music Theory) prefix informs similarly. Regardless of the course-number prefix, the educational experience is superb.