Music Theory 003

Welcome to CIM's Music Theory 003. You have been accepted by CIM and will begin your music study here next semester.

In addition to your instrumental or vocal studies, you will take courses at CIM in Music Theory and Eurthymics. You will take academic and music history courses at Case Western Reserve University. All of these subjects are equally important to your music education.

Music theory can be very academically oriented. At CIM core classes in theory are about developing your musicianship. You will learn to sight sing and develop your internal ear through ear-training. Keyboard exercises will help you develop a better sense of harmony. Written work will reinforce and summarize your skills.

You practiced many hours a day to be accepted at CIM. Your test score suggests your music theory skills are probably a bit behind. The theory department has created this web page and videos to provide knowledge you need before you begin your conservatory education.

This is not a page of lessons to be completed; but, a starting point to begin your work. Below you will find a recommended text book and two web sites that will help you. Use the videos as references to start out and keep you on the path.

CIM's Music Theory Faculty
May 2010

Recommended Resources

Music Theory Text Book:

A New Approach to Sight Singing
Author: Berkowitz, Fontrier, Kraft
Publisher: W.W. Norton
ISBN#: 0-393-96908-8

Music Theory Fundamentals Websites:

CIM Music Theory 003 - 6 Part Video

Part 1

Part 1
Treble and Bass Clef
The Piano

Part 2

Part 2

Part 3

Part 3
Scales and Key
Names of the Scale Degrees

Part 4

Part 4
Sight Singing
Melodic Dictation

Part 5

Part 5

Part 6

Part 6
Triads in the Key

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Music Theory

Conservatory Studies

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