Distance Learning FAQs

Q: What is Distance Learning? Answer   >

Q: How does Interactive Distance Learning work? Answer   >

Q: What types of content are available at CIM? Answer   >

Q: How should I prepare my class for a Distance Learning session? Answer   >

Q: How should I prepare for the technical aspects of a videoconference? Answer   >

Q: What type of connections are available at CIM? Answer   >

Q: What should I do if the connection is not working? Answer   >

Distance Learning

Greg Howe

Director, Distance Learning

p. 216.368.1052

f. 216.791.3063

e. gregory.howe@cim.edu

Heather Young Mandujano

Distance Learning Education Coordinator

p. 216.368.0874

e. hly2@cim.edu

For Scheduling Inquiries:

Adam Phillips

Distance Learning Operations Manager

p. 216.368.0780

e. axp99@cim.edu

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