Student Recitals

There are nearly 300 recitals performed each year by the CIM students in partial fulfillment of their degree programs. The public is warmly invited to attend and enjoy the great variety and great talent our students have to offer.

Approximately 15% of student recitals are changed on short notice. Please call 216-791-5000 the day of the recital to confirm details.

Recital Schedule

For further information on these, or other student performances at CIM, call (216) 791-5000, ext. 516.

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Student recitals in November 2014

Date Location Who, what, notes
Thu Nov 20th, @ 4:00 pm
Mixon Hall Dominic Favia, Senior Recital, trumpet. Student of Michael Sachs.
Fri Nov 21st, @ 6:30 pm
Mixon Hall Chris Brosius, Senior Recital, trombone. Student of Richard Stout.
Sat Nov 22nd, @ 4:00 pm
Kulas Hall Kenji Sasaki, Second Master of Music Recital, cello. Student of Stephen Geber.
Sat Nov 22nd, @ 8:00 pm
Kulas Hall Andrew Baloff, Junior Recital, viola. Student of Stanley Konopka.
Sun Nov 23rd, @ 4:00 pm
Kulas Hall Ben Chen, Second Master of Music Recital, clarinet. Student of Franklin Cohen.
Sun Nov 23rd, @ 6:30 pm
Mixon Hall John Grigsby, Junior Recital, viola. Student of Jeffrey Irvine.
Sun Nov 23rd, @ 8:30 pm
Mixon Hall Tobias James, Junior Recital, guitar. Student of Jason Vieaux.
Mon Nov 24th, @ 6:30 pm
Mixon Hall Pin-Hsuan Huang, Second Artist Diploma Recital, collaborative piano. Student of Anita Pontremoli.
Mon Nov 24th, @ 8:30 pm
Mixon Hall Yu Zhang, Fourth Doctor of Musical Arts Recital, piano. Student of Kathryn Brown, Paul Schenly.
Tue Nov 25th, @ 6:00 pm
Mixon Hall Kevin Tompkins, First Master of Music Recital, violin. Student of William Preucil.
Tue Nov 25th, @ 8:00 pm
Mixon Hall Kallen Bierly, Senior Recital, violin. Student of Stephen Rose.

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