Paulette Goll

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, CIM’s English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor Paulette Goll earned her doctorate in English at Case Western Reserve University.

While Dr. Goll’s primary research and publication interests have been centered in English and education, she created “Setting George Herbert’s Lyrics,” a DVD that features interviews with English and American composers. In it, the composers play and sing their compositions based on the metaphysical poetry of the English, seventeenth-century cleric, George Herbert. Dr. Goll’s “George Herbert: The Temple” has the distinction of being the first interactive, interdisciplinary, digital poster ever presented in the humanities at Case Western Reserve University’s Research Showcase.

Her most recent publication, Literacy Strategies: Variations on a Theme, (Education, Winter 2011) explores strategies to integrate proprioceptive [spatial body awareness] and kinesthetic feedback with visual and auditory inputs to enhance the acquisition of TOEFL [Test of English as a Foreign Language] vocabulary by international student instrumentalists. Her new book, Music: We Speak Your Language—A Guide to Advanced TOEFL Vocabulary Acquisition, is currently under publication review.

An avid, international traveler, she enjoys the people and music of the world.


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