Violinists Rubén Rengel and Colin Laursen perform one of Laursen's original works during a concert in the Cleveland Museum of Art. The collaborative series titled "Music in the Galleries" offers our students unique performance opportunities.


To CIM students, a scholarship means that they can Say YES to...

  • Studying at a world-class institution with renowned faculty — many of whom are regularly performing musicians, including members of The Cleveland Orchestra
  • Focusing on their studies, making music and becoming the best musicians they can be
  • Learning and performing alongside exceptionally talented and supportive peers
  • Engaging in the local community through musical performances
  • Learning to teach and mentor young artists through a partnership with the Cleveland School of the Arts and other local institutions
  • Performing in amazing and beautiful venues such as Severance Hall, CIM's state-of-the-art Mixon Hall and among famous works of fine art at the Cleveland Museum of Art
  • Graduating and beginning careers without the burden of huge student loan debt, weighing them down and limiting their options.
Can we count on YOU to Say YES to our 2014 Scholarship Challenge?
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