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Upcoming Events

  • Celebrating American Classics

    March 7, 2015, 8:00 pm
    Severance Hall

    A CIM Women’s Committee Benefit

  • Faculty Recital: Carolyn Warner & Friends XI

    March 18, 2015, 8:00 pm
    Mixon Hall

    Carolyn Gadiel Warner, piano/violin
    Peter Salaff, violin
    Daniel Shapiro, piano
    Stephen Warner, violin, guest artist
    Kim Nolen Gomez, violin, guest artist
    James Umble, soprano/alto saxophone, guest artist
    David Lakirovich, violin, student artist
    Ignacio Cuello, viola, student artist
    Timothy Paek, cello, guest artist


  • Chamber Music Master Class

    March 19, 2015, 7:00 pm
    Studio 217

    Cavani String Quartet
       Annie Fullard, violin
       Mari Sato, violin
       Kirsten Docter, viola
       Merry Peckham, cello

The Student Government is first and foremost an organization through which students can appeal to the administration. SGA also organizes events -social, academic, and service oriented- that enhance student life at CIM.

2014-2015 SGA Officers

President: Gabrielle Skinner

My name is Gabrielle Skinner and I am the President of 2014-1015 Student Government. I like being a part of SGA because I like the opportunity to enrich student life at the conservatory, while also taking a more serious stand on student issues that come up. I also enjoy our philanthropic side, SGA does a lot to communicate with the community, and we choose a philanthropic organization every year to support.

Susan Bengtson

I enjoy organizing events like the benefit recital we held last spring because you have the chance to interact with members of the Cleveland community you wouldn't meet otherwise and give them a good impression of CIM. It's also fun to talk to students on Monday morning Donut Days and see how they are doing.

Ashlyn Ronkes

I'm a sophomore at CIM and am majoring in violin performance. I am in CIM's student government because it provides a way to help satisfy the needs of students at the conservatory as well as the community.

Elora Grace Lencowski

I am a sophomore vocal major who is also studying piano, and I chose SGA because I wanted to play an active part in the student life at CIM. I think public outreach via fundraising and volunteer service is an important element in a community, and I wanted to be a part of that with other colleagues and peers of mine. I enjoy getting to plan and participate in many of the social events we host for the student body, and I encourage others to be an active part of SGA as well.

Christine Binzel

Christine Binzel, creative consultant for CIM's Student Government Association, is a Lexington, Massachusetts native and graduate of the Walnut Hill School for the Arts. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Music degree in violin performance at the Cleveland Institute of Music where she studies with the renowned soloist Joan Kwuon. Christine enjoys being a part of SGA because it has given her an opportunity to be a part of the foundation of CIM's social calendar.