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Upcoming Events

  • Chamber Music Master Class

    September 26, 2016, 4:30 pm
    Mixon Hall

    Caroline Stinson, cello, guest artist
  • Lecture: Music Theory Colloquium

    September 27, 2016, 12:30 pm
    Studio 226

    Bad Music and Bad Musicians
    Dr. Timothy Cutler
    The greatness of renowned composers and performers is easily taken for granted unless we spend some time at the other end of the talent spectrum.
  • Faculty Recital: Boulez Legacy Series

    September 28, 2016, 8:00 pm
    Mixon Hall

    Boulez the Friend and Teacher

    Carolyn Warner & Friends XIII

    Carolyn Gadiel Warner, piano
    Daniel Shapiro, piano
    Franklin Cohen, clarinet
    Mari Sato, violin
    Brian Thornton, cello
    Victor Beyens, violin, student artist
    James Umble, alto/soprano saxophone, guest artist

CIM Joins Global Drummers Alliance for Hunger Relief

January 9, 2012

‘Hunger Beat‐Down’ on January 14th, 2012
Drummers will simultaneously play the same solo to raise awareness of world hunger

CIM faculty and students, along with Cleveland Orchestra members, will join together as drummers from across the globe simultaneously perform to “Beat Down Hunger” on January 14 at precisely 3 p.m.
Cleveland’s participation is led by Richard Weiner, retired principal percussionist of The Cleveland Orchestra. More than 25 percussionists will perform in CIM’s Kulas Hall to focus attention on World Hunger.
This free Cleveland performance is sponsored by CIM and will feature, in addition to Mr. Weiner, Cleveland Orchestra principal timpanist Paul Yancich. Mr. Yancich and Mr. Weiner are co-heads of CIM’s percussion and timpani departments.
CIM faculty members Brian Sweigart (head of CIM eurhythmics) and Jamey Haddad (CIM world music), along with Conservatory and Preparatory students and other local percussionists, will perform the revolutionary fife and drum piece “The Three Camps.” The piece replicates the kind of drumming used by army camps during the Civil War to communicate with each other.
“I’m delighted that the Cleveland Institute of Music is participating in this important national initiative to highlight global hunger awareness,” said Dean Adrian Daly. “It is critical for our community to be involved in local, national and international efforts, and this event gives us a chance to be part of larger social initiatives
to effect global change, and that through musical and artistic persuasion, social change can occur.”
The statistics are staggering. More than 925 million people around the world-many of them children-are malnourished, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.
The idea for the hunger beat-down came from Marv Dahlgren, a nationally known percussionist from the Twin Cities.
“I’m concerned that the world is not paying enough attention to the incredible famine that exists in Africa and other countries across the world,” Dahlgren said. “I believe those of us who live in the richest nation on earth owe it to the starving children of the world to help them survive the ravages of famine. I want to keep
beating the drum to make sure we don’t forget about the millions of children who are losing their lives every day to starvation,” Dahlgren said.
Dahlgren has worked closely with Twin Cities percussionist David Stanoch to organize the hunger beatdown. Stanoch is a prolific Twin Cities drummer who has played with some of the best known musicians
around the world.

* CIM’s Hunger Beat-Down is open to the public, although the performance will be very brief.

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