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  • Cleveland International Piano Competition

    July 26, 2016, 10:00 am
    Kulas Hall

    Golandsky Institute Workshop
    Edna Golandsky, Founder and Artistic Director of the renowned Golandsky Institute, presents a workshop and Q&A session for area piano students. The Institute is the preeminent center for the teaching of the Taubman Approach, which gives pianists the tools to play with brilliance and ease.
  • Lunch and Listen Recitals

    July 26, 2016, 12:30 pm
    Mixon Hall

    CIM alumnus Ben Malkevitch, piano, playing All-American Gems, including works by MacDowell, Barber, Bauer and Bernstein.
  • Cleveland International Music Festival - Faculty Recital

    July 31, 2016, 7:00 pm
    Mixon Hall

    The 1st Cleveland International Music Festival will be held from July 29th, 2016 to August 6th, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. World-famous music maestros and eminent music educators will offer young pianists, string players and singers individual professional instruction. Cleveland is a city with abundant musical resources, and the Cleveland International Music Festival, with professionalism and precision, aim to cultivate CIMF as one of the most influential music festivals internationally.

Tune in to WCLV 104.9 at 11:00 a.m. Saturday mornings and join host Merry Peckham as CIM's radio show enters its sixth season.

The Cleveland Institute of Music's radio program is designed to answer some pressing questions about classical music (well, maybe not so pressing, but thought-provoking nonetheless). Offbeat will be broadcast on WCLV 104.9 FM and streamed live at

Each hour-long show will explore the work of an artist or delve into a musical topic. Offbeat provides a cool combination of great music, interesting guests and slightly off-the-wall commentary - a lively behind-the-scenes tour of classical music.

The People Behind Offbeat

2012 Schedule

January 7: The Perlmans
January 14: The Cavani Quartet
January 21: John Clouser
January 28: Michael Tilson Thomas, Carl Topilow
February 4: The Miró Quartet
February 11: Jeff Krill
February 18: Daniel Coyle
February 25: Classical Kids
March 3: Playing Second Fiddle
March 10: Joshua Weilerstein
March 17: Mary Schiller
March 24: Albers Trio
March 31: William Preucil, Nathan Olson

January 7:
The Perlmans

Last spring, violin virtuoso Itzhak Perlman and his wife Toby, founder of the Perlman School of Music received Honorary Doctorates from CIM. Their visit was a chance for their longtime friend and Offbeat host, Merry Peckham, to talk with them about their amazing lives. It's a conversation that was shared with an audience in Kulas Hall - and one Offbeat now shares with you.

You can also watch a video of the full interview on YouTube.


January 14:
On the Road with The Cavani Quartet

You're taking a trip with The Cavani String Quartet! Not only are they the quartet in-residence as teachers at CIM, they tour the country presenting concerts and educational programs. They love to spend time in new cities and bring our music to new audiences. Hey, traveling with four women has its ups and downs, but they manage to have a great time and stay focused on what's important. Hear what makes the Quartet work so well together - on the road, in the classroom or on the concert stage.


January 21:
The Bassoon with John Clouser

Its warm, dark, lush sound is often compared to that of a baritone. So why do some people think of it as the jokester of the orchestra? The bassoon is often thought of as a comical instrument, even though it makes a vital contribution to the sound of an orchestra. We'll explore the beauty of the instrument's voice with John Clouser, head of the bassoon department at CIM and the principal bassoonist of The Cleveland Orchestra.


January 28:
Code of Conduct(ors)

Michael Tilson Thomas tells you how he defines the role of the conductor, and talks about what he does with his time when he's not standing on the podium. CIM conductor Carl Topilow shares the music he's made with the CIM Orchestra.

February 4:
The Miró Quartet

The Miró String Quartet was the first chamber ensemble ever to be awarded the Avery Fisher Career Grant. It was founded in Northeast Ohio and now perform regularly in the world's greatest concert halls, and members collaborate with Pinchas Zuckerman, Joshua Bell, Midore, Lynn Harrell and others. Hear their music and what they think the essential ingredients are when it comes to making great music as a quartet.


February 11:
The Proper Care and Feeding of the Piano

The piano's roots go back to ancient folk cultures. The beauty of its sound transcend time and continues to be a part of the classical and pop music scene. Hear about its history, plus meet Jeff Krill, the piano technician for Severance Hall. He knows all about the proper care and feeding of the instrument.

February 18:
The Talent Code with Daniel Coyle

Author Daniel Coyle reveals some very telling things about his talent in his New York Times best seller. What does it take to be the best? Some say talent - he says the Talent Code. He'll give you the tools to unlock your potential and that of others no matter what your pursuit.


February 25:
Classical Kids

Kids say the darnedest things, don't they? Merry Peckham decided to ask some of her little friends to chat with her about classical music. You may be surprised at the insights and truly wonderful opinions they have on the subject. It's a conversation with some classical kids.


March 3:
Playing Second Fiddle

"Playing second fiddle" is an expression that implies that a person is not number one, but is answering to, or below another. You'll wonder how the phrase came into being when you hear about the real story behind playing the second violin from award-winning musicians from the Juilliard, Cleveland and Cavani Sting Quartets. Hear what the inner voice of the second seat has to say on Offbeat.

March 10:
Joshua Weilerstein

Joshua Weilerstein once called Cleveland "home." He is the youngest member of an incredibly talented family. He started out playing the violin as a boy and went on to graduate from the New England Conservatory in 2009 with a Bachelor of Music in violin performance at the age of 21. Only two years later, he was appointed the conducting assistant of The New York Philharmonic.


March 17:
Developing a Voice, with Mary Schiller

Athletes might pump iron to build muscle... stretch, so that they don't strain those muscles and then cool down after a performance in order to speed recovery. The same holds true for the instrument that is composed entirely of human body parts. Training it right can make or break a career. The human voice - it's the instrument everybody has, but few master.

March 24:
Albers Trio

The Albers Sisters have busy solo careers, but have made time to play to together as the Albers Trio. Cellist Julie Albers made her debut with The Cleveland Orchestra at 17 and went on to concretize around the world. Offbeat talks to her about her meteoric rise and her experiences as a student at CIM. Family and solo careers can't keep them apart... we'll find out how they keep it together as a trio.

March 31:
Concert Masters

William Preucil was named concertmaster of The Cleveland Orchestra in 1995. As founder of the Concertmaster Academy at CIM, he passes on those special skills to his students. Find out what it takes to be a concertmaster, why he started this special program and hear from one of its beneficiaries-Nathan Olson, new co-concertmaster of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

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