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Upcoming Events

  • Faculty Recital

    October 21, 2016, 8:00 pm
    Mixon Hall

    Sharon Robinson, cello
    Anita Pontremoli, piano

  • Faculty Recital: Boulez Legacy Series

    October 26, 2016, 8:00 pm
    Mixon Hall

    Boulez the Modernist II

    Shuai Wang, piano
    Madeline Lucas Tolliver, flute
    Benjamin Chen, clarinet, guest artist
    Yun-Ting Lee, violin, guest artist
    Eric Wong, viola
    Daniel Pereira
    , cello
    Thomas Sherwood, percussion, guest artist

  • New Music Symposium

    October 29, 2016, 1:30 pm
    Studio 113

    Guest composer Augusta Read Thomas discusses her music and approach to composition

Tune in to WCLV 104.9 at 11:00 a.m. Saturday mornings and join host Merry Peckham as CIM's radio show enters its ninth season.

The Cleveland Institute of Music's radio program is designed to answer some pressing questions about classical music (well, maybe not so pressing, but thought-provoking nonetheless). Offbeat will be broadcast on WCLV 104.9 FM and streamed live at

Each hour-long show will explore the work of an artist or delve into a musical topic. Offbeat provides a cool combination of great music, interesting guests and slightly off-the-wall commentary - a lively behind-the-scenes tour of classical music.

The People Behind Offbeat

2013 Schedule

January 5: Midori
January 12: "For the Record" - Alan Bise
January 19: "A Well Composed Life" - Joan Tower
January 26: "Everything Old is New Again" - Dean Southern
February 2: Alisa Weilerstein
February 9: "Playing a New Tune" - Roger Tapping
February 16: "Just for Laughs" - Eric Charnofsky
February 23: Jaime Laredo
March 2: "Queen of the Keys" - Joela Jones
March 9: "All About the Tuba" - Ron Bishop
March 16: "The Rhythm of Life" - Jaime Haddad
March 23: "Life Inside the Conservatory" - Yolanda Kondonassis & Michael Sachs
March 30: "Singing the Praises of Soprano Christine Brewer"

January 5:

This season marks the 30th anniversary of violinist Midori's concert debut at just 11 years old. It also marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of Midori and Friends, a non-profit program which provides thousands of under-served children with music lessons and experiences. Midori shares her passion for music and how she is sharing it with the world.


January 12:
"For the Record" - Alan Bise

Musicians make sound and recording artists capture it. Alan Bise is a recording engineer who has mastered his art as the Chief Classical Producer for Azica Records and the founder of Thunderbird Records who has returned to CIM as the Director of Recording Arts & Services. Learn about his experiences, as well as what it means to be back at CIM in his new role.


January 19:
"A Well Composed Life" - Joan Tower

Hailed by New York Magazine as "One of the Most Successful Woman Composers of All Time," Joan Tower was the first woman ever to receive the Grawemeyer Award in Composition in 1990. She was inducted in 1998 into the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Letters, and into the Academy of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University in 2004. (from 2007)


January 26:
"Everything Old is New Again" - Dean Southern

The great baritone Dean Southern has written extensively about what today's singers can learn from those who preceded them. He'll share the work of singers he has unearthed from the past, what they tell us about the evolution of Opera performance and how they influence today's singers.


February 2:
Alisa Weilerstein

You'll hear what it's like to be part of CIM's Young Artist Program from a musician who has taken the classical music world by storm. Alisa Weilerstein started playing the cello when she was two and a half, and never stopped. She made her debut with The Cleveland Orchestra in 1995 when she was only 13 and has gone on to perform with almost every major orchestra in the world. CIM's artist-in-residence shares her stories of a musical upbringing. (from 2009)

February 9:
"Playing a New Tune" - Roger Tapping

Roger Tapping, chair of NEC's chamber music program, former violist of the Takács Quartet, is the newest member of the Juilliard String Quartet. You'll find out how Roger plans on balancing his life as an educator with the life of a full time member of one of the world's most famous string quartets.


February 16:
"Just for Laughs" - Eric Charnofsky

In the deep, dark depths of musical history, one man's music has been unearthed, enlightening the world to works that could never be imagined by the likes of Mozart or Haydn! Offbeat talks to a performer who is bringing the compositions of the great PDQ Bach to audiences, along with his own humorous compositions -- Eric Charnofsky shares his musical witticisms. (from 2009)

February 23:
Jaime Laredo

Offbeat talks to CIM's newest violin faculty member (and Mixon Hall Masters Series season opener) about his career, his recordings and what it means to him to be at CIM.

March 2:
"Queen of the Keys" - Joela Jones

Joela Jones, principal keyboardist of The Cleveland Orchestra, traveled the coasts of America as a child prodigy, a trip that led to encounters with some of the all-time greats of classical music. She'll share her stories, her music and some of her other lesser-known talents during this encore presentation of Offbeat. (from 2009)

March 9:
"All About the Tuba" - Ron Bishop

It's an instrument that's played in concert bands, jazz ensembles and marching bands but when it comes to its place in the orchestra, the tuba stands alone. Ron Bishop was principle tuba for The Cleveland Orchestra for 38 years and has also coached and mentored the next generation of orchestral tuba players. He'll share the history of the bass voice of the brass section.


March 16:
"The Rhythm of Life" - Jamey Haddad

Jamey Haddad has got the beat and he is sharing it with students at CIM. He discusses his career and what he teaches to the next generation of musicians. (from 2006)

March 23:
"Life Inside the Conservatory" - Yolanda Kondonassis & Michael Sachs

Offbeat explores life at a conservatory through the eyes of teachers and their students. Harpist Yolanda Kondonassis and trumpeter Michael Sachs share what life is like for musicians who are on the path to becoming full-time professionals. (from 2007)

March 30:
"Singing the Praises of Soprano Christine Brewer"

Offbeat asks about her recital career, her GRAMMY Award-winning recording, what it's been like to perform with the top conductors of our time and her efforts to pass on the love of opera to the next generation through the program she started called "Opera-tunities."

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