Endowed funds provide a secure and permanent source of income for the Cleveland Institute of Music. If you create an endowed fund at CIM, the principal amount of your gift is held in perpetuity for the benefit of CIM and the income generated by the fund is used for the fund’s designated purpose. You can create an endowed fund at CIM during your lifetime or you may choose to create it through a planned gift.

Endowment funds may be unrestricted or designated for a particular purpose. You may choose to create an unrestricted endowed fund which permits CIM and its leadership to utilize the income generated by your fund generated for the current needs of CIM.  You may also create an endowed fund for a designated purpose, such as for scholarships, or to support faculty or a specific program at CIM.  You may also name your endowed fund after your family or to honor a particular person.  No matter what form you choose for your endowed fund, will provide CIM with a lasting gift of support.