Returning Students in the Same Program

For a complete list of key dates and tips for completing the financial aid renewal process, please refer to the Returning Student Financial Aid Timeline.

CIM scholarships auto-renew at the same dollar amount for the normal duration of the program of study, assuming the student maintains Satisfactory Artistic and Academic Progress criteria and submits all aid renewal requirements on time as requested by the Financial Aid Office. Only CIM scholarships auto-renew annually. All other federal aid requires annual FAFSA application, and award amounts may vary year-to-year.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents seeking any institutional and/or federal need-based aid (work study, grants, and/or loans) must complete the online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with CIM school code 003031. The 2021-22 FAFSA is is available to submit online as of October 1, 2020 and is due February 1, 2021. The FAFSA is required annually for any federal aid consideration, as eligibility for the all federal programs is year-specific.

After the FAFSA has been processed, you will receive the results via the Student Aid Report (SAR). It is very important to promptly review the SAR, especially the comments section, for accuracy.


  • Renewal FAFSA priority due date: May 1

All federal aid has year-specific eligibility. Students returning in the same program must re-apply for these programs annually by submitting the FAFSA by May 1. Some federal programs have very limited funding and such funding fluctuates considerably to each school annually. Just because a student received an award from a fund one year does NOT mean it can or will be offered the next year, as the student's eligibility may change, CIM funding for that program may change, and the student's overall financial need as compared to the other students also seeking this form of aid may change. Each year, many students are not considered for Work Study or other limited funded programs simply because they did not submit the renewal FAFSA on or before May 1.

No federal need-based aid may be disbursed until the final tax return data is updated on the FAFSA through the IRS Data Retrieval Tool or a copy of an official IRS Tax Return Transcript is submitted to CIM; if the student or parent is not required to file a federal tax return, the applicable Verification Form with copies of W-2, 1099 or other income sources must be reviewed.

  • If you miss the priority due date for the required financial aid documents, you may still submit them late, but be advised you may have significantly limited opportunities for aid consideration for all funds. Funding levels for many programs is limited and priority is given to those who meet all published priority deadlines.