Develop Professional Skills, Connect with Musicians Around the World

CIM students and faculty participate in more than 300 virtual classes each year. With two fully-equipped video-conferencing studios, CIM students connect with musicians from around the world and hone their technological and professional skills. 

CIM students have the opportunity to develop and deliver programs to virtual audiences ranging from K-12 students in music, general education classrooms, and life-long learners. CIM students who participate in the Virtual Learning program build their public speaking skills, refine professional performance skills—such as stage presence and audience engagement—and discover how to align musical content to Ohio’s education standards.

Students can also take virtual masterclasses and lessons to further perfect their craft, and participate in the Global Audition Training Program, a live video conferencing opportunity to perform for musicians around the globe and receive feedback. Reach out to the Virtual Learning team to learn more about student opportunities.