Private instruction is conveniently offered at two Cleveland-area locations. Explore which instruments or programs are offered at each site as well as locations for certain faculty members. If you have any questions about programming, enrollment, locations or faculty, please email

Main Campus


11021 East Boulevard, Cleveland 44106

Instruments, Programs & Teachers at Main Campus:

  • Bassoon: Mark DeMio
  • Cello: Abbey Hansen, Ellie Glorioso, Melissa Kraut*, Daniel Pereira, Sharon Robinson* and Richard Weiss*
  • Children’s Choir: Jennifer Call
  • Clarinet and Saxophone: Stanislav Golovin
  • Double Bass: Tracy Rowell
  • Eurhythmics: Graham Rosen
  • Flute: Heidi Kushious and Audrey Whartenby
  • Guitar: Erik Mann and Andy Poxon
  • Harp: Jody Guinn
  • Oboe: Jack Cozen Harel
  • Percussion: Luke Rinderknecht
  • Piano: Kathryn Brown*, Andrew Focks, Derek Nishimura, Julia Russ, Sean Schulze, Sandra Shapiro, Gerardo Teissonniere and Weizhen Yang
  • Sato Center for Suzuki Studies: Ellie Glorioso, Tanya Groys, Abbey Hansen, Liesl Hook-Langmack, Kimberly Meier-Sims, Erin Reidhead, Tracy Rowell, Laura Shuster and Stephen Sims
  • Theory/Composition: Jennifer Conner and Alissa Roosa
  • Trumpet: Lyle Steelman and Loren Toplitz
  • Tuba and trombone: J.c. Sherman
  • Viola: Jeff Irvine*, Minju Kim and Laura Shuster and Lembi Veskimets
  • Violin: Masha Andreini, Wei-Fang Gu, Olga Kaler*, Minju Kim, Kimberly Meier-Sims, Jaime Laredo*, Eugenia Poustyreva, Stephen Rose*, Erin Reidhead, Carol Ruzicka, Laura Shuster, Stephen Sims and Jan Sloman*
  • Voice: Jennifer Call, Noriko Paukert and Emily Stauch

*Denotes conservatory faculty. These teachers have limited availability and charge a higher per-lesson rate than Preparatory faculty. Learn more about tuition and rates and connect with the Preparatory team to learn more about studying with our conservatory faculty! Please note, prior approval from the Preparatory office is required to study with conservatory faculty.

Shaker Location


First Unitarian Church, 21600 Shaker Boulevard

Instruments, Programs & Teachers at Shaker:

  • Cello: Martha Baldwin and Daniel Pereira
  • Choir: Jennifer Call
  • Clarinet and saxophone: Stanislav Golovin
  • Flute: Audrey Whartenby
  • French Horn: Meghan Guegold
  • Piano: Rozetta Kim, Terry Moran, Derek Nishimura, Julia Russ, Weizhen Yang and Allen Yueh
  • Suzuki Violin: Liesl Langmack, Erin Reidhead, Laura Shuster and Stephen Sims
  • Suzuki Viola: Laura Shuster
  • Theory: Alissa Roosa and Allen Yueh
  • Tuba and trombone: J.c. Sherman
  • Viola: Laura Shuster
  • Violin: Masha Andreini, Jiah Chapdelaine, Liesl Langmack, Erin Reidhead, Laura Shuster and Stephen Sims
  • Voice: Jennifer Call, Noriko Paukert, Brian Skoog and Emily Stauch