Pre-College FAQ

Have additional questions that aren't answered below? Contact the Preparatory team for more information about CIM's Pre-College program and Musical Pathway Fellowship (MPF)!

Is the Pre-College program different from the Musical Pathway Fellowship?

The Pre-College program and Musical Pathway Fellowship offer students the same core curriculum. To support CIM’s commitment to a diverse, equitable and inclusive future for classical music, the Musical Pathway Fellowship offers Black and Latinx students the opportunity to participate in the Pre-College program with a full scholarship.

How is Pre-College different from the Young Artist Program?

The Young Artist Program (YAP) is designed specifically for high school-aged music students who are playing at the college level. YAP students are typically homeschooled or have a special arrangement with their high school to attend CIM lessons during the week. YAP students take college-level classes with CIM conservatory students for credit. YAP applicants must apply and audition through the conservatory application and comply with all conservatory application and audition requirements.

What are the benefits outside of the course offerings?

Students receive access to:

  • CIM Robinson Music Library   
  • Cleveland Orchestra Fan Pass   
  • Master classes    
  • CIM practice rooms and performance spaces  
I’m  already  in an  orchestra  outside of CIM, do I need to also participate in a CIM ensemble ?

Yes! If rehearsals and performances do not conflict too much with one another, we will work closely with you to coordinate your schedule to ensure that you can participate in both ensembles.  

When does Pre-College meet?

Pre-College classes meet on Saturdays starting in late August for a total of 32 weeks of instruction for the academic year (accounting for holidays). Saturday classes will typically require a commitment of 3-4 hours. Depending on teacher schedules, private lessons and ensemble rehearsals may occur during the week.  For students who are unable to participate on Saturdays due to religious observances or other schedule conflicts, please reach out to the Preparatory team so they can accommodate your needs.

I already study at CIM, can I keep my current teacher?

Yes! Students can continue studying with their current CIM teacher.

I take lessons outside of CIM, can I keep my current teacher?

Unfortunately, no, an essential aspect of Pre-College is to study with CIM’s faculty members.

What performance opportunities are available?
  • Semester showcase  
  • Individual recitals  
  • Opportunity to compete in the Preparatory Concerto Competition 
  • Ensemble concerts throughout the year  
What are the costs and fees?

Please visit our Tuition and Fees page for detailed information around pricing, application fees, payment plans and financial aid options.  

What are the application requirements?
  • Complete the online application. 
  • Provide one letter of recommendation from a non-relative who can attest to your musical ability.    
  • Submit a 500-750-word personal statement.  
  • Complete the supplemental financial aid application (if applying for need-based aid).  
  • Recorded auditions only: submit a video recording following your instrument’s audition repertoire requirements. 

Visit the Pre-College program page and Musical Pathway Fellowship page to find application deadlines.

I can’t make the live auditions. Can I submit a video instead?

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are only accepting audition videos. We will not be holding live, in-person auditions at this time. Composition applicants will be able to interview with CIM faculty virtually.

Yes! We accept recorded auditions for all areas of instruction, except for composition, which requires a long form, live interview with our faculty. Live auditions are strongly preferred, but we understand if attendance is not possible.

Is there accompaniment required for my live audition?

Accompaniment (live or recorded) is required for voice applicants.