The Youth String Camerata, led by conductor Marcia Ferritto, provides an opportunity for advanced students to experience the excitement and challenge of rehearsing and performing music in the intimate setting of a chamber ensemble. The group is limited in size for this purpose.

The students are introduced to the study and performance of works of varying styles. Each piece of music draws on the entire spectrum of skill of the individual player and of the group as a whole.

Audition Information

At CIM, we require all students to audition for the Youth String Camerata. Auditions will be held on May 12, 2018 from 9:00am - 12:00pm. We will not be holding fall auditions. Audition requirements are as follows:

  • Scales/Arpeggios – Violins, violas and cellos should be prepared to play a 3-octave major and parallel melodic minor scale of their choice from keys up to 3 sharps or 3 flats. Requirement for bass is a 2-octave scale. Demonstration of martele, spiccato and sautille strokes will be asked. The student may also be asked to play a 2-octave arpeggio.
  • Solo Piece – A movement of a concerto or a single solo piece that shows a range of technical and musical skills.
  • Prepared Excerpt – The following excerpts are available for download.
  • Sight Reading – A brief selection of sight-reading will be given to each student during the audition.

You can download the Audition Requirements for a full list of orchestra requirements and excerpts, or the Youth String Camerata Audition Application, for more detailed information.


Student Handbook


Latecomers are a disruption to the rehearsal. If a student arrives to a rehearsal after it has begun, they will be tuned outside of the rehearsal area and seated in the back of the section for the duration of the rehearsal.

Excessive tardiness and/or absences may result in a permanent change of seating.