Conducted by Jennifer Call, Youth Choirs build healthy vocal technique in an encouraging and fun setting. Multiple ensembles are available for grades K-12; students sing with others of similar age and experience. At the earliest level, children build pitch matching, breathing and listening skills while older students begin to develop advanced expression and harmonic elements. Each rehearsal is designed to meet singers where they are and help them grow in voice, confidence and friendship. Youth Choirs are offered at CIM's University Circle campus and Shaker Heights location.


Course Descriptions

These tailored courses will help young singers in kindergarten through 12th grade develop a foundation, explore artistic expression, and hone their skills and technique.

Children's Choir Level 1: Grades K-3

Children's Choir Level 1 singers develop foundational singing skills through age-appropriate choral repertoire and engaging activities. Solfege, ear training, music literacy and ensemble skills will be incorporated into each rehearsal along with researched-based, healthy singing tone. Children will build singing technique that incorporates head voice singing, breathing fundamentals and listening skills. Performance opportunities will include a semester-end demonstration and occasional community engagement performances. Auditions are not required.

Children's Choir Level 2: Grades 3-6

Children's Choir Level 2 singers build skills that focus on their maturing voices through challenged choral repertoire that increases vocal flexibility and artistic expression. Intermediate to advanced solfege, ear training, music literacy and ensemble skills will be incorporated into each rehearsal. Singing technique will include adolescent voice change pedagogy as well as range development, breathing technique and listening skills. Performance opportunities will include a semester-end demonstration as well as collaborative opportunities throughout the community. Auditions are not required.

Children's Choir Level 3: Grades 6-9

Children's Choir Level 3 is designed for singers in grades 6-9 to learn and explore vocal production for their changing voices. Each rehearsal will incorporate concepts of vocal production, anatomy and physiology, as well as musicianship skills of sight reading, solfege training and notation. High-quality choral repertoire designed specifically for the changing voice will provide opportunities for artistic expression while building healthy singing technique. Singers will be nurtured through the voice transition period, experiencing positive, inspiring teaching techniques. Auditions are not required.

Advanced Chamber Choir: Grades 8-12

Advanced Chamber Choir focuses on advanced techniques in harmony, expression and listening and offers an introduction to a variety of repertoire from different genres and periods. This ensemble will perform multiple times a semester and participate in collaborative opportunities throughout the community. The ensemble is for grades 8-12 by audition only, and offered at CIM’s University Circle campus.

Application & Auditions

Children's Choir (all levels)

To apply for a Youth Choir program, please fill out the application. Placement level is determined by age and ability. Auditions are not required. If you have any questions about the programs or have difficulty submitting your application, please email the Preparatory team or call 216.791.5000 ext. 3.

Advanced Chamber Choir

2020 Auditions:

To ensure the health and safety of our community, we are not holding in-person auditions. Rather, Advanced Chamber Choir applicants must submit a recorded audition through our online application, due June 15.

Recorded Audition Requirements:

Applicants must choose one song from the classical, folk or musical theater genres. Accompaniment optional.

Please contact for more information about the audition process for 2020.

Additional Details

Rehearsal Schedules

To get the most up-to-date rehearsal information, please contact the Preparatory team at

Children's Choir Level 1

Mondays | 5:30-6:15pm | First Unitarian Church, 21600 Shaker Blvd.

Children's Choir Level 2

There are two rehearsal options. Families can select one of the following rehearsal times.

Mondays | 6:30-7:15pm | First Unitarian Church, 21600 Shaker Blvd.

Saturdays | 10-10:45am | Main Campus, 11021 East Blvd.

Children's Choir Level 3

Mondays | 7:30-8:30pm | First Unitarian Church, 21600 Shaker Blvd. 

Advanced Chamber Choir

Saturdays | 1-2pm | Main Campus, 11021 East Blvd. 

Tardiness Policy

Tardiness Policy

Please understand that latecomers are a disruption to the rehearsal. If a student arrives after a rehearsal has begun, he or she will be tuned outside of the rehearsal area and seated in the back of the section for the duration of the rehearsal. Excessive tardiness and/or absences may result in a permanent change of seating.