Youth Eurhythmics

An introduction to the basic elements of music through movement and sound, taught in a group setting. Kids develop sensitivity to musical moods and structure using creative imagination.

Class sizes range from 10-15 students. Eurhythmics is available for four successive years, each year building on the skills already learned.

Eurhythmics I


3-4 year olds


Thursdays 4pm-4:50pm
Saturdays 8:45am-9:35am

Class Overview

  • Designed to experience the fun of music in a group setting
  • Movement and Singing
  • Begin aural recognition
  • Drums utilized to build simple rhythmic patterns
  • Begin to develop locomotion skills learning to differentiate skip, hop, gallop, walk, and run
  • Begin learning dynamic response to music


Eurhythmics II


4-5 year olds


Thursdays 5pm-5:50pm
Saturdays 9:45am-10:35am

Class Overview

  • Extend skills learned in Eurhythmics I, refining, increasing complexity
  • Adds all basic notation and rhythmic values
  • Begin the fundamentals of Solfege


Intermediate Eurhythmics

Designed for students ages 12-18 who wish to further their personal musical development, this offering is open to student who have the ability to read notation and who are currently taking private lesson instruction and/or playing in a music ensemble.

Intermediate Eurhythmics I

Class Overview

  • Explores rhythm away from instruments through the aural and kinesthetic senses
  • Develops a physical connection between pulse and subdivision
  • Studies meter, common rhythmic patterns, notation, and cross rhythms.


Details and Registration

Enrollment is open only during the first half of each semester.

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