Add your child to the Sato Center placement list

  • We are now accepting applications for Fall 2021! Students must complete CIM's online application.
  • All new students and parents are required to observe three private lessons at any level with any teacher in the program (preferably with the new teacher) and two Saturday group lessons. These observations are to be completed and recorded with your private teacher within two weeks of the start of lessons and are included in the tuition. At this time observations and classes can be attended virtually. Please use the Suzuki Observation Sheet to record the classes you observe.

Upon completion of these steps, you will be contacted, and the student will be placed with a teacher. Scheduling of lessons will be arranged by the teacher and the parent. 

While waiting to be placed, we encourage you to:

  • Read the following required readings for new parents:
    • To Learn With Love, William and Constance Starr
    • Nurtured by Love, Shinichi Suzuki
    • Ability Development from Age Zero, Shinichi Suzuki
  • Enroll your child in a Eurhythmics class at CIM
  • Begin creating a musical environment for your child by:
    • Attending classical concerts at CIM or watching online, including recitals offered by the Sato Center
    • Listening daily to classical music on the radio
    • Listening daily to the Suzuki Vol. 1 CD of the child's desired instrument