Private Lessons

Beginner, intermediate and advanced students of all ages can explore fundamentals of technique and musical expression with CIM’s renowned faculty and develop key communication and artistic skills that can be applied outside of the classroom. Virtual private lessons are available for all string, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments, as well as piano, voice, classical guitar, harp, composition and music theory.

Eurhythmics Classes

Taught by CIM faculty member Graham Rosen, virtual Eurhythmics at CIM is offered every Tuesday for six weeks and open to all ages and experience levels. Depending on age and experience, students will be placed in either Children’s Eurhythmics for ages 3-5, Intermediate Eurhythmics for ages 5-12 or High School Eurhythmics for ages 12-18. Students will explore:

  • An introduction to the elements of music through movement and sound
  • Learning music purely through the aural and kinesthetic senses
  • Physical connection with pulse and subdivisions
  • Musical games and stories 
  • Using their body to communicate a wide degree of expressions

Families can also sign-up for drop-in Eurhythmics classes with CIM faculty member Brian Sweigart! Drop-in classes are perfect for:

  • Beginners who are interested exploring an introduction to Eurhythmics
  • Families who are looking for a fun, educational experience that gets everyone moving and exploring music
  • Intermediate to advanced students who are considering enrolling in Eurhythmics at CIM for a semester, but want to test a class first, or looking to further their education

Details and Enrollment

Virtual private lessons and Eurhythmics classes with Graham Rosen start May 18, but students will be accepted on a rolling basis. Apply today to join other local music students for an interactive and innovative learning experience! You might also sign up for drop-in Eurhythmics classes with Brian Sweigart. Find the drop-in schedule below and join us online.

Apply for Private Lessons and Eurhythmics

Students interested in private lessons and/or participating in CIM’s Eurhythmics classes this summer should apply online. The application form will allow you to choose your preferred teacher based on who is available during the virtual session. For questions about the application process or virtual experience, contact the Preparatory team at Pricing and discounts can be found here.

Sign up For Drop-in Eurhythmics Classes

Upcoming drop-in classes are below. Find a class that works for you and sign up today.

Level 1
Level 1 classes are perfect for families with children; no prior musical experience required. These classes will focus on singing, moving in your space and responding to music.

Level 2
Level 2 classes are geared for intermediate to advanced music students who are considering enrolling in Eurhythmics for a semester. This class will focus on the fundamental rhythmic skills that can make you a more expressive musician and a better ensemble player. This is great opportunity to test the waters and see if Eurhythmics is a good fit for you.

Level 3
Level 3 classes are perfect for adults interested in expanding their musical and rhythmic horizons. All experience levels welcome. We will explore the relationship between movement and music in a fun class that gives you the opportunity to take your music study to the next level.