Tuition and fees vary by offering. Please contact the Preparatory and Continuing Education office for more detailed pricing information: email or call 216.791.5000 ext. 371


Tuition Payments

A student enrolled in lessons through the Preparatory Division shall pay all tuition prior to beginning lessons or an ensemble.
Those students who have not paid will not be permitted to receive instruction.

Online Payment System

In order to pay by credit card, you can either pay in person by visiting the main campus business office in University Circle or using our online payment portal. Please note, CIM will no longer accept credit card payments via phone or US Mail. In the future, we will be expanding the functionality of the portal to include online registration. 

If you wish to use the 4-payment plan option, you will need to complete the Payment Plan Enrollment Form, which includes detailed information on the billing dates and processes. Payment plans will be available for bills totaling $500 and up. There is a $30.00 payment plan fee. This fee will be applied when the application for a payment plan has been submitted and approved. More information regarding this plan can be obtained through contacting the business office at 216.791.5000 x223.

Please note, the online payment portal will not retain credit card information, therefore you must initiate your payment each month. A bill and an email reminder will be sent.

A $50.00 default payment plan fee will be charged to any account where a request for a payment plan has not been made and the bill is not paid in full.

Any semester in which an account becomes overdue may result in subsequent semesters requiring all charges to be paid in full before the semester begins.

Students may only attend lessons, rehearsals or coachings if their current bill is paid in full. Past due accounts will be sent to collections.

Payments directed to CIM may be made by Discover, MasterCard, Visa, check, cash, or money order. There is a charge of $35.00 for all returned checks.

If one account in a family has a past due balance, all related accounts will be suspended until the account is made current or paid in full. The teacher(s) will be notified to suspend lessons until the account is cleared.

Delinquent payments shall be turned over to an outside collection agency at CIM’s discretion.


Scholarships are available to students under 18 years of age after one year of full-time study at CIM and are determined by departmental exams, teacher recommendation, merit and need. Full-time status is achieved by a 16-week enrollment in private lessons for each semester. The process is outlined in the scholarship application. We do not accept or offer federal grant/loan

Registration Fees

Each student will be assessed an annual non-refundable registration fee of $60.00 for the full academic year (fall and spring semesters).
A registration fee of $15.00 will be assessed for summer instruction.
Those families with four or more members studying at Cleveland Institute of Music Preparatory Division will only be charged the first three registration fees.