Important Protocols for Students, Faculty & Staff

As with all the plans we have made during the pandemic, these protocols are subject to change based on new information or changing conditions. Communications will be shared consistently to reinforce or update the protocols. To ensure you have the most up-to-date information, please check our email communications and consult CWRU’s FAQ page. If you have questions, please connect with any of the individual’s below.

This FAQ was last updated on September 3, 2021. 

What will conservatory classes, ensembles and performances look like?
  • CIM will return to our traditional academic calendar.
  • Classroom instruction (music theory, eurhythmics, seminars, etc.) will return to in-person and regular class sizes.
  • Chamber ensembles will not need to be distanced and can resume rehearsals in studios.
  • CIM Orchestra will return to full orchestra format, without distancing.
  • CIM Opera Theater will resume semi-staged and full productions.
  • New Music Ensemble will no longer require distancing or instrumentation limitations.
  • Audience capacity limits will be capped at 50% of hall capacity (120 seats in Mixon and 270 seats in Kulas). This protocol will be adjusted as needed.
  • External guests, including family members and other members of the public, will be able to attend performances.

We ask that our community and constituents remain flexible as conditions change. To review the most up-to-date protocols, please see our email communications.

When and where are masks mandatory?

On July 31, CIM reinstated required masking for everyone, regardless of vaccination status. 

Exceptions are made for fully-vaccinated woodwind, brass or voice students or faculty members who are actively engaged in playing or singing.

What are CIM's vaccination protocols?

To best protect the well-being of our community, the following protocols are in place.


  • Students in strings, keyboard, composition, conducting and percussion must either be fully vaccinated or participate in weekly testing.
  • Students in woodwinds, brass and voice are required to be fully vaccinated in order to play or sing on campus.


  • Preparatory and Pre-College students in the areas of winds, brass and voice must be fully vaccinated to participate in in-person instruction. Remote lessons are available for students not eligible to receive the vaccine due to age or are otherwise not vaccinated.
  • Youth Choirs will be conducted in masks.
  • Students who do not play a woodwind or brass instrument may participate in in-person activities only while fully masked, regardless of vaccination status.
  • All family members or other accompanying adults on campus with Preparatory students must also remain fully masked at all times.

Faculty, Staff & Guest Artists:

  • Employees must either be fully vaccinated or submit weekly test results. Failure by any unvaccinated employees to submit test results will result in suspension of building access.
  • All guest artists in the areas of woodwinds, brass and voice must be fully vaccinated. A negative test will not be accepted in lieu of full vaccination. Guest artists in areas other than woodwinds, brass and voice must either be fully vaccinated or provide a negative test result within 48 hours prior to being on campus.
Where and how to seek vaccination or testing?


  • Select “Schedule Your Appointment” on this page to get access to a free and conveniently located vaccine clinic.
  • If you are experiencing any symptoms, STAY HOME and then consult this page and follow the instructions for scheduling an appointment with University Health and Counseling Services. You can use your account to request an appointment and manage any follow-up care.

Employees and Preparatory:

  • If you are still seeking vaccination, consult with your doctor or use this tool to find a free option.  
  • If you are experiencing any symptoms, STAY HOME. Testing is available at many drug stores and other retail locations. Contact your local Walgreens, CVS or other pharmacy to make a same-day appointment. 
How do I verify my vaccination or request an exception?

The CIM community was asked to report their vaccination status ahead of fall semester. Students and employees are required to inform CIM whether they are vaccinated or not.

Conservatory students are also required to complete the card upload or exemption process at CWRU. You can learn more about their vaccination verification process, here. Those requesting a medical exemption can do so here. If you need to request a religious exemption, visit this page. If you have any issues accessing these resources and portals, please contact the CWRU Service Desk directly for assistance.