Information on this page is specific for CIM faculty and staff. It will be updated frequently as more details become available. Consult the Safety Measures page for specifics about steps in our physical spaces.

Please keep in mind that this page reflects our plans, and additional changes and flexibility may be required at any time. 

As a staff member, can I work from home?

During stay-at-home advisories for Cuyahoga County, all staff are encouraged to work remotely. After January 19, continued remote or reduced in-building work is encouraged if your supervisor advises it is possible for your role and your team. As we continue to monitor the situation, updates on remote and in-building work will be shared through email communications.

Is it safe to return to work?

We are taking every precaution to ensure our campus is safe. We are following federal health and safety guidelines as well as guidance from our state and local governments. We are implementing practices such as health screening affidavits and physical distancing practices to keep our campus healthy.

What if I can’t get to work?

It is likely that some employees will have to change their normal commuting practice. Using mass transit may not be an option or may be considered too risky for some. You should take steps now to identify all potential options for a safe commute, such as using a personal vehicle or ride-share services. If you have difficulty with transportation to work, please discuss this with your manager.

How will staggered workdays impact me?

For those who have shared workspaces, we may stagger workdays to reduce the contact in the shared space. For example, you may be asked to alternate days or weeks in the office and telework. If you are in a shared space, please talk with your manager regarding your work schedule.

Do I have to answer medical questions when reporting to work?

All employees, students, trustees and visitors will be required to answer questions regarding COVID-19 symptoms before entering our building. Individuals who refuse to answer health screening questions will not be permitted entry into the building.

Do I have to wear a mask at work?

All constituents are required to wear a mask while in the building (with specific exceptions for faculty and students who play wind instruments). If you are in your workspace alone with the door closed, you may remove your mask or face covering.

Will we continue to have in-person meetings?

In order to promote physical distancing, some meetings will need to be restricted. You may be asked to attend an in-person meeting with limited attendees in a space that is large enough to allow for distancing between participants. Most meetings will be conducted virtually using Microsoft Teams. 

What should I do if I feel sick?

Employees who feel ill should notify their manager per company policy and not report to work. If you are already at work and begin feeling sick, you should notify your manager and go home immediately. Employees can utilize paid time off and/or other paid leave that may be available. Contact Human Resources for more information on available paid time off. 

What steps do I take if I receive a positive COVID-19 diagnosis?

Employees must alert CIM if they have tested positive for COVID-19 by filling out the Institute's notification form. Your information will be sent to the senior director of Human Resources. All employees with a positive or suspected diagnosis should quarantine. You can return to the office only after you’ve fully recovered, with a doctor’s note confirming your recovery.

How will positive cases of COVID-19 be handled on campus?

CIM will follow all mandates and guidance from federal and local agencies with regard to reporting, disinfecting, contact tracing and quarantining. Here are the steps CIM takes once a positive or suspected case surfaces:

  1. CIM communicates with CWRU University Health and Counseling Service (UH&CS).
  2. UH&CS, with assistance from CIM, completes all necessary contact tracing for the COVID positive individual.
  3. UH&CS communicates with the public health department, if required.
  4. Any individual who has had direct contact with the person with the confirmed or suspected diagnosis is notified and required to self-quarantine until the potential exposure is evaluated by UH&CS and the public health department. “Direct contact” is defined as close contact with a person with a confirmed or suspected positive COVID-19 diagnosis (less than six feet) for 15 minutes or longer. Anyone awaiting test results must quarantine until cleared.
  5. Card access to CIM facilities is turned off for any individual required to quarantine.
  6. Following CDC and public health guidelines, only individuals who have confirmed exposure are required to quarantine. Exposure to someone who may have been exposed does not require notification and quarantine. CIM, in coordination with UH&CS, has quarantine and isolation spaces for resident students. Individuals off campus are required to quarantine/isolate in their own residences.
  7. Determination of release from quarantine/isolation is made by UH&CS.
  8. Individuals cleared to return will regain access to the facilities.
Where can I find more information for employees?

Please refer to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Company Policy for more information about daily workplace and physical distancing guidelines, sick leave arrangements, work from home requests, traveling and commuting measures, and general hygiene rules. 

This company policy is susceptible to changes with the introduction of additional governmental guidelines. Updates will be shared through email communications.