Classes and Lessons 

  • All academic classes and individual lessons are expected to continue using distance technology.  

  • Classes resume on Wednesday, March 18, to allow time to participate in technology training and adapt in-class activities to the online environment. (Spring Break has been extended through Tuesday, March 17.) 

  • Studio faculty may use Microsoft Teams, or any other mutually acceptable videoconferencing solution (Facetime, Skype, Zoom, etc.).  

  • As communicated on Thursday, March 12, no in-person teaching can occur, whether in a CIM building or in your home. This decision was made to protect the health and safety of the entire CIM community.  

  • Update March 20: No faculty may access any CIM building for teaching; all teaching must occur from home. This continues through May 1, due to the extension of the Ohio stay-at-home order, announced on April 2

  • If you are attempting to work synchronously with your students, there may need to be some accommodations made for extreme time zone differences. Please show all reasonableness when dealing with this situation. Microsoft Teams can record your class, for example, and automatically post videos for students to access later. 

  • You should communicate with your students by Tuesday, March 17, at 5p with information about how to access their classes and lessons.  

  • Peer tutoring should still be available to students. Please work with your student tutors to help them continue their work online. 

  • David Gilson is reviewing academic accommodations on file for students, and will be in touch with you to discuss any cases where adjustments may be warranted in the online environment. 

Technology Training and Resources 

  • Training in Microsoft Teams (which allows for videoconferencing, recording for later viewing and a host of other tools) is scheduled for Monday, March 16 and Tuesday, March 17, at CIM. Use this link to sign up for a short, small group class led by a certified Microsoft trainer.  

  • IT staff and Brian Sweigart will be on site on Wednesday, March 18 and Thursday, March 19 to provide individual assistance.  

  • If you need further help, Brian Sweigart is happy to work with you individually. Please also collaborate with other faculty in your area. 

  • microsite with technology resources is available to students and faculty. You will need to log in first to gain access.

  • Note that many internet providers and cell phone carriers have agreed to provide enhanced services at no additional cost, or at a low cost, for at least the next 30-60 days. Learn more about the extra steps providers are taking at this time:


This pertains to CIM Orchestra, Opera, Chamber Music and New Music Ensemble. 

  • These programs, and all of their scheduled performances, are canceled for the semester.  

  • Division heads are meeting Monday to discuss how to award credit for ensembles. Once that is determined, CIM will communicate with all students.  

  • Update March 12: Chamber groups may not conduct in-person rehearsals.  

Juries, Recitals and Recordings 

  • Final recitals and Juries: This is an area of concern for our students, and Dean Bundra has shared guidelines with all conservatory faculty members. 

  • Update March 19: Students have received this email, which outlines processes for Juries, Recitals and Ensemble credit.

Timesheets and Paychecks 

  • Pay dates will continue as scheduled.  

  • All timesheets much be submitted electronically. Because most CIM staff are working remotely, paper timesheets cannot be accepted.  

  • You can download the Excel version of your timesheet from the ADP portal. Find the timesheets in the Forms box on the homepage. You can complete it electronically (type your name in the signature box), or you can print and complete it on paper, then scan. (There are several free or low-cost scanning apps for iPhone and Android.)