Classes and Lessons 

  • All academic classes and individual lessons are expected to continue using distance technology. This is true for classes taught by CWRU faculty as well as those by CIM faculty.  

  • Classes resume on Wednesday, March 18, to allow faculty to participate in technology training and adapt in-class activities to the online environment. (Spring Break has been extended through Tuesday, March 17.) 

  • Almost all, if not all, of CIM’s academic classes will be taught through Canvas or Microsoft Teams. Studio faculty may use Microsoft Teams, or any other mutually acceptable videoconferencing solution (Facetime, Skype, Zoom, etc.)  

  • We acknowledge that you may be in a significantly different time zone than CIM at the time of instruction. Your faculty will work with you to make materials – such as recordings of lectures – available. There may be need for students to also be flexible, particularly for one-on-one instruction. 

  • You should hear from each of your faculty members individually by Tuesday, March 17 at 5pm with information about how to access your classes and lessons. If you have not heard from your CIM faculty by that time, please be in touch with Dean Sweigart.  

  • We will work with the student tutors to be available online for students who still need this resource. We recognize this is still an important part of student success. 

  • As detailed in the March 19 communications, deadlines for pass/fail, withdrawal and the completion of incomplete grades from fall 2020 have been extended to April 6, 2020.

  • Update April 3: The faculty has put additional Pass/No Pass options in place for this semester, with a deadline of 11:59pm EDT on April 29, 2020. (See email for details.)


This pertains to CIM Orchestra, Opera, Chamber Music and New Music Ensemble.

  • These programs, and all of their scheduled performances, are canceled for the semester.  

  • Update March 19: Most students have already met the minimum requirements to earn credit for orchestra. Ensembles staff will contact those who haven't to determine the next steps. 

  • Update March 19: Those who have completed 10 hours of coaching will earn credit; additional performance and master class requirements have been waived. Chamber music coordinators and faculty coaches will determine the next steps for groups who have not yet completed 10 hours of coaching. 

  • Update March 12: Chamber groups may not conduct in-person rehearsals.  


  • A microsite with technology resources is available to students and faculty. You will need to log in first to gain access.

  • Note that many internet providers and cell phone carriers have agreed to provide enhanced services at no additional cost, or at a low cost, for at least the next 30-60 days. Learn more about the extra steps providers are taking at this time:

  • Students remaining in Cleveland may use the Media Center on weekday mornings for coursework. Find more information from Robinson Music Library here.   

Juries, Recitals and Recordings 

  • Update March 19: Final recitals: There are several options, and you should consult with your teacher to determine the best one for you.

  • Other degree recitals (BM3 recitals, MM1 second recitals, etc.): Most of these will be rescheduled to the fall; if you have concerns about that, please consult with your teacher. Those with scheduled recitals will receive more information from the recital scheduling office soon.  

  • Update March 19: Juries: Each department is handling this differently. Faculty will be in touch with students directly with additional information. 

  • Recording sessions: Those that are scheduled through March 22 may continue as planned. If you are scheduled for a recording and won’t be on campus, please contact Naomi Columna ( We will update all students via email when procedures are established for future recording sessions. 

Comprehensive Exams 

  • Update March 24: Comps will be administered through Canvas between April 29 and May 1. Students who need to take comps have been given more information by the Registrar's office.  

Academic Accommodations  

  • Giving you the best opportunity to succeed is always a priority. Dean Gilson is reviewing all of the accommodations currently in place, and will consult individual students and faculty to assist with any necessary arrangements.  

  • If you may need an academic accommodation, please review CIM’s policy [PDF] and contact Dean Gilson at or 216.795.3163.  

Cutter House 

  • All Cutter House residents are requested to leave campus as soon as they are able. Comprehensive details are in the March 13 email to residents.  

  • Students who are currently on campus or who can return and pack for departure are asked to do so by Tuesday, March 17 at 5pm.  

  • Students who were granted exceptions to stay in Cutter may do so. (If you requested an exception and it was denied, you are expected to leave on March 17 unless you are not currently on campus.) 

  • Update April 1: Cutter residents who were unable to return to campus quickly to pack have received an update from Cicely Schonberg and David Gilson. CIM is exploring options to help you retrieve your belongings safely in light of the continuing stay-at-home order in Ohio. 

Mail and Packages  

  • If you have left the area and need items from your mail folder or packages forwarded to you, please complete this form

  • If you remain in Cutter House, you have received specific instructions in a March 23 email from Resident Director Cicely Schonberg about mail and package delivery. 


  • Commencement is currently scheduled for Saturday, May 16 at 10am. 

  • Update April 2: With deep sadness, it is clear that we will not be able to hold an in-person Commencement as planned. Graduating students have been invited to share their ideas for a meaningful virtual ceremony this year, and will be invited to return to campus for the 2021 Commencement weekend. 

  • Graduates will receive their diplomas, whether Commencement is held in person or not.  

International Students 

  • With the decision to complete the spring semester virtually, we recommend all international students return home.  

  • International Student Advisor Kristen Zalar will be contacting you in the coming days with additional visa information.  

  • Those living in Cutter House have received information about moving out; contact Cicely Schonberg or David Gilson with any individual questions.  

Work Study 

  • Update March 24: Students with federal work study and active jobs will be paid through the end of the semester for their regularly scheduled hours. Please contact with any specific questions not addressed in the March 24 email. 

  • As we said in our March 12 message, CIM will pay work study students at least through April 6. The financial aid office is working with the US Department of Education to ensure CIM’s compliance with federal regulations for the period after April 6. 

  • Students with office assistant positions may make arrangements with their supervisors to work remotely.  


  • We share your concerns, and we are working as quickly as possible to address them. Due to the volume of questions on this topic, please expect that answers to common questions will be first communicated via email to all students before we answer individual messages. Your patience is appreciated.  

  • Our campus partners at CWRU provide dining services for CIM students, so their decision regarding any adjustments to meal plans will also apply to CIM. When information is available, we’ll share it.  

  • We have heard your questions about housing adjustments for Cutter House residents. Our staff is studying this now, and we’ll share more information shortly.  

  • Please keep in mind that general education courses and many services are delivered by our partners at CWRU, which makes answering certain questions more complicated for CIM. With classes and lessons starting online as the semester resumes on Wednesday, March 17, student tuition will continue to fund faculty and support-system costs. As we navigate this complexity, your patience is appreciated.