CIM faculty Allen Yueh leads this intensive for high school music students, focusing on preparing for college placement theory exams. Through coursework, discussions and assignments, you'll learn about theory fundamentals, harmony, four-part writing and analysis. 

About the Virtual Intensive 

The intensive takes place December 6-17 and is geared toward high school students looking to major in music. The intensive creates opportunities for participants to:  

  • Understand the fundamentals, including key signatures, interval nomenclature, scales, and interval and melodic ear training.   
  • Explore and learn about Roman numerals, functional harmony, cadences, sequences and tonicization/modulation. 
  • Understand how to analyze music.  
  • Learn about four-part writing, including composing with functional harmony and voice leading rules. 

Tentative schedule (EST): 

  • Mondays and Fridays | 8-9pm EST

How to Apply 

Apply by December 1 to join the class! You will be notified of your acceptance into the program within one week of submitting the application. It is recommended that participants have some music background and are comfortable reading treble and bass clefs and identifying basic chords.  


Participant cost: $295 

*Late applications will be accepted until December 6 for an additional fee of $50.

Going Virtual with CIM 

Technology Requirements

We recommend using a wired internet connection for the best experience. If you are unable to connect your desktop, laptop or tablet to the internet using an Ethernet cable, a strong, stable Wi-Fi connection and/or cellular data may be used. Check the speed and strength of your Wi-Fi at; connections of at least 20 mbps (download) and 10 mbps (upload) are best. If yours is below 10 mbps (download) or 5 mbps (upload), you may need an upgrade from your internet provider. Upload speeds below 5 mbps will produce poor quality video and audio. 

We also recommend that participants have access to an external microphone and webcam for best video and audio quality.