October 30, 2015

1-Year Master of Music Program

If you are enrolled as an undergraduate student at the Cleveland Institute of Music, during your junior year you can apply for the 1-Year Master’s Program*, which means that in just 5 years, you could leave CIM with your Bachelor of Music AND Master of Music degrees.

Here’s how the program works:

  • You must be enrolled at CIM as an undergraduate student
    • As long as you are working toward your bachelor's degree and CIM offers a master's degree in your program of study, you can apply.
  • You need to be slightly ahead of the 4 year graduation track for your Bachelor's Degree
    • You should have room in your schedule to begin graduate level course work your senior year.
  • You have to apply and be accepted
    • There is an application and audition process during your junior year.
  • Your undergraduate scholarship award from CIM will carry over
    • You may be eligible for an increase in federal aid if applicable.

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*The 1-Year Master of Music Program is not available for the Collaborative Piano or Audio Recording programs. For all other programs, you must apply and be accepted.