At CIM, students are introduced to rich and diverse coursework, encouraged to share musical approaches and create new repertoire, and coached by renowned artists. Our partnership with Case Western Reserve University enables CIM students to take non-music courses and earn dual degrees, including an educational degree. Students can also choose to double major in the areas of theory, composition, eurhythmics or audio recording. The immersive and creative educational process at CIM empowers graduates to leave the Institute prepared for the future.




Complement your music curriculum with academic programming, opportunities and services that will help you develop your art and mastery. 

Community Performance Chamber Music & Ensembles Study Abroad

Center for Innovative Musicianship (CIM²)

CIM’s Center for Innovative Musicianship (CIM²) offers career services and community or virtual performance and educational opportunities. CIM² guides students toward meaningful career goals that complement their classical training.

recording services

Recording Arts & Services

Recording Arts & Services has engineers that can record concerts, recitals and rehearsals for students, faculty and alumni. Students can request a recording of their recitals or concerts, rent a recording device and more through this department.



Ask about registration, evaluation of transfer credits, advanced placement scores, transcript requests and more in the student-focused, Office of the Registrar.

Robinson Music Library

The Robinson Music Library is where you can discover new repertoire, research a topic, or listen to recorded CIM performances. Take advantage of this CIM library’s collections and study spaces.

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At CIM you'll join an exclusive group of students receiving the training and experience that puts you on your way to success in music.

Concerts and events

Apr 24 Wed
4:00 pm
Second Master of Music Recital: Gabe Napoli, viola
Strings, Conservatory Student Recitals
Apr 24 Wed
8:00 pm
Advanced String Quartet Program Concert
Chamber Music Performance, Concert Series
Apr 26 Fri
6:00 pm
Junior Recital: Isaiah Ward, bass
Strings, Conservatory Student Recitals
Apr 26 Fri
8:00 pm
Senior Recital: Martha Mulcahy, viola
Strings, Conservatory Student Recitals
Apr 27 Sat
12:00 pm
Third Professional Studies Recital: Callisto Quartet
Strings, Conservatory Student Recitals