At CIM, students are introduced to a rich curriculum and coached by renowned artists. Our partnership with Case Western Reserve University enables CIM students to take non-music courses and earn dual degrees, including an educational degree. Students can also choose to double major in the areas of theory, composition, eurhythmics or audio recording. 

Being a CIM graduate also has its perks. CIM's Orchestral Career Fellowship, a new scholarship program available to CIM alumni, offers support that empowers our graduates to win positions in major US or international orchestras. Upon completion of this course of study, fellows earn an Artist Diploma.

The immersive and creative educational process at CIM empowers all of our artists to leave the Institute fully prepared for the future.



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Admission & Aid

Your artistic journey starts here, at CIM. We invite you to apply and get one step closer to pursuing your dreams in music.

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Recording Arts & Services

Recording Arts & Services engineers record concerts, recitals and rehearsals for students, faculty and alumni.

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Ask about registration, evaluation of transfer credits, advanced placement scores, transcript requests and more in the student-focused, Office of the Registrar.
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Robinson Music Library

The Robinson Music Library is where you can discover new repertoire, research a topic, or listen to recorded CIM performances. Take advantage of this CIM library’s collections and study spaces.