During their time at CIM, virtually all Conservatory students study with members of the Music Theory faculty. To provide instruction for every degree program, departmental offerings encompass a wide range from basic musicianship to specialized seminars. CIM Music Theory faculty members constitute a diverse and distinguished collective of expertise to bring to all CIM (and CWRU) students who take core courses that emphasize the development of basic musical skills in written harmony, keyboard harmony, ear training and solfège.

Available for both current and prospective students: Harmonic Dictation Recordings.

Music Theory Placement Courses

New Student Undergraduate Placement

Incoming students are placed into one of CIM's music theory courses—MUTH 101 (Music Theory & Aural Skills I) or MUTH 101i (Intensive Music Theory & Aural Skills)—based on diagnostic test results. Learn more about each course and what to expect, and find additional resources.

New Student Graduate Placement

Before students enroll in graduate music theory courses, they first must demonstrate proficiency in harmony, form, counterpoint, sight-singing and aural training, as determined by the CIM diagnostic test. Find out what will be on the diagnostic test and what to expect from the placement courses.