Partnership with CWRU

The intimacy of a conservatory with big school benefits — that's what CIM offers our students thanks to a special partnership with our neighbor, Case Western Reserve University (CWRU).

Known as a leader in engineering, medicine and law, CWRU is also one of the top schools for musicology in the world. For more than 50 years, CIM and CWRU have used our educational partnership, the Joint Music Program (JMP), to share collective resources, focusing on the strengths of each institution. 

As a CIM student, you can take music history and non-music electives in the humanities and sciences at CWRU. Some CIM students also purse an academic minor at CWRU, and a select few pursue a dual-degree. Meanwhile, CWRU students take music lessons with the CIM Joint Music Faculty, in addition to performance, chamber music, theory and eurhythmics classes at CIM.