Through coursework in eurhythmics, you'll develop your natural instinct for rhythm — learning an immediate mental and physical response to verbal commands or changes in rhythm.

In addition to physical education, eurhythmics develops your mental stimulation, and you’ll coordinate mind and body through the ideal medium of musical rhythm.

By the end of the program you’ll demonstrate mastery of rhythmic excellence, musicianship through keyboard improvisation, pedagogy and movement awareness.

Eurhythmics Department Highlights


The history of eurhythmics training at CIM dates to the earliest beginnings of the institution. The Eurhythmics department is a special feature of CIM's educational training and continues to enhance the education of undergraduate and graduate students.

What you'll study

  • Rhythmic movement: Mental and physical coordination through the study of musical rhythm, expressed in bodily movement. This includes the technical analysis of posture, walking, jumping and various exercises.
  • Plastic movement: Exercises in improvisation and collaboration that result in sophisticated musical artistry and expression. 

Concerts and events

Feb 23 Sat
1:00 pm
Viola Master Class with Michael van der Sloot
Master Classes & Lectures, Concert Series
Feb 24 Sun
7:00 pm
Chamber Music Master Class with Todd Phillips
Master Classes & Lectures, Concert Series
Feb 27 Wed
8:00 pm
Junior Recital: Anja Endestad, violin
Strings, Conservatory Student Recitals
Mar 2 Sat
6:00 pm
First Master of Music Recital: Shannon Lee, violin
Strings, Conservatory Student Recitals
Mar 2 Sat
8:00 pm
Student Recital: Joseph Skerik, viola
Strings, Conservatory Student Recitals