The CIM Office of the Conservatory Registrar is your source for information about student records. We provide the following services:

  • Registration
  • Student schedule maintenance
  • Evaluation of transfer credits and advanced placement scores
  • Grade reports
  • Proof of enrollment documentation
  • Transcript requests

We are committed to implementing institutional policies consistently and fairly and to preserving institutional integrity through the accurate maintenance of the student academic transcript.

Is this your first semester at CIM?

During your first semester you'll need to turn in a proof of enrollment form and may need to begin preparing for juries: 

As you're registering for classes, you may want to keep these checklists handy so you don't find yourself ready to graduate without the correct number of credits: 

Gearing up for graduation? 

If you'll soon be becoming an alum, make sure you have our request a transcript link bookmarked for your future plans!  

Extended Absences and Appeal Forms 

CIM students are often engaged in performance and professional opportunities and will need to request approval for an extended absence. Complete the Notice of Extended Absence to start the process.

If you are appealing a Satisfactory Academic Progress report, please use the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal form.