April 26, 2017

CIM announces the launch of the Cleveland Institute of Music Center for Innovative Musicianship

CIM2 Innovation for Music
Dr. Joyce Griggs (l), Vice President and Director and Dr. Melissa Kraut (r), faculty liaison

CIM’s Center for Innovative Musicianship (CIM2) will build on the Institute’s historic brand as a center for innovative musicianship, where uncompromising professional preparation and enhanced expert mentorship serve as the indelible trademark of CIM’s remarkable faculty.

CIM2 furthers CIM’s commitment as a modern conservatory is ensuring every student’s education includes the acquisition of high-level artistry coupled with the practical and essential skills necessary for a seamless transition into a professional career.

In a statement announcing the Center’s launch, CIM President and CEO, Paul W. Hogle said, “At the heart of CIM2 is cohesive, sequential learning that mirrors our institutional DNA and leverages existing performance experiences into distinguishable career development skills in creative entrepreneurship, business insight and professional communications. In addition, the Center will further connect CIM students to Northeast Ohio – increasing opportunities for meaningful performance experiences and deeper community connections.”