January 5, 2016

CIM Brings the Audience Inside the Action

Ever wonder what it’s like to conduct an orchestra or to be swaying in unison with the violin section? CIM Perspectives is hoping to bring that experience to anyone with access to YouTube. This new program outfits CIM performers and conductors with GoPro cameras during performances to give viewers a unique look at what it feels like inside the orchestra.

This fall, the director of the CIM Orchestral Program, Carl Topilow, strapped on the mini camera for his conducting performance with the Cleveland Institute of Music Orchestra at Severance Hall.

“I was excited to be a part of this project,” said Topilow. “I thought it was a fun way for the audience to see what I see on stage. And I didn’t notice the camera at all during the performance. I have enough to think about!”

CIM Perspectives is the brainchild of Alan Bise, director of Recording Arts & Services and Lindsay Wissman, multimedia producer. “CIM Perspectives is designed to give viewers a different perspective on the world of classical music performance,” says Bise. “It’s been found that one of the keys to building an audience is exposure and familiarity. We hope that Perspectives will help to break down the audience/stage barrier and give viewers some insight into the life of the very performers whom they are asked to support.”

Check out the CIM Perspectives video on CIM's YouTube channel.