June 1, 2020

CIM President's Council response to the death of George Floyd

Thank you for your Facebook posts, texts and emails. Some have been sharply critical; others have been prayerful laments – all have been welcomed.

We’re sorry.

We’re sorry that we let the CIM community down.

We’re sorry that our being slow to make a public statement of solidarity caused pain.

But know this: CIM stands with our students, faculty and staff, today and every day, galvanized in our anti-racist, anti-bias, anti-hate efforts and our pledge to embrace diversity, inclusion and equity.

Together we mourn – for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and many other Black people who lost their lives at the hands of white police officers – and together, we carve a path forward.

Amid our own grief and outrage, we must think about both our individual and collective responsibility to create a more just society. We must denounce racism and injustice in all forms. We will do better. 

The Dean’s office is working to schedule an online forum later this week where we can listen to your experiences and concerns; as soon as that is confirmed, we will update you. In the meantime, if you wish to share your thoughts or questions, please write to Dean Bundra at judy.bundra@cim.edu.

When we convene again on campus, we will call together the CIM community to discuss concrete ways that we can come together to support students and employees who are suffering from systemic injustice.

Thank you for your continued courage. And until we see you again, our hearts are with you.

In solidarity,

Tammie Belton, Eric Bower, Amy Brondyke, Judy Bundra, Paul Hogle, Dan Hout-Reilly, Peter Hussell, Maddi Lucas Tolliver, John Malcolm, Jerrod Price and Brian Sweigart

CIM President’s Council