March 16, 2023

CIM seeks dedicated young musicians for 2023-24 Academy program

Two student violinists work with an Academy teacher in CIM's Mixon Hall

Behind all the musical and teaching expertise in CIM’s new Academy lies a single core belief: No student should go it alone.  

It’s the reason the Academy exists, and the reason the Academy was designed the way it was: to be the artistic home for students who are creative, curious and committed to the highest level of musical achievement. 

“Music is not an individual pursuit, even for a soloist,” said Jennifer Call, Associate Dean of Preparatory and Public Programs at CIM. 

“It must be collaborative. We believe – we know from experience – that young musicians thrive when they’re supported and surrounded by their peers. That’s how they develop all the skills, knowledge and discipline they need to succeed.” 

At the Academy, music is approached with the same focus and intensity of other elite youth training programs. The program, based on a model espoused by CIM’s founder, is comprehensive, sequential and tailored to the individual, designed to produce complete musicians and help everyone from beginners to experienced artists achieve at the highest possible level.  

Participants range in age from three to 18, from Pre-K to high school seniors, and run the gamut from novices to advanced performers. All students, no matter their age or ability, participate in ensembles and take an array of general musicianship courses as well private lessons with CIM faculty. Most coursework takes place on Saturdays.  

Importantly, all students also receive numerous and varied opportunities to perform, both individually and in groups, for their teachers, peers, and the general public, as well as regular informal feedback or formal progress reports from members of the CIM faculty. Everything takes place in a friendly, respectful and supportive environment informed by robust parental involvement and a community-wide passion for music. 

“We are committed to fostering the best possible culture for our students to thrive in,” said Rodrigo Lara Alonso, Musical Pathway Fellowship Advisor and guitar faculty member. “By taking a page or two from the past, we’re setting up our students for bright musical futures.”  

The application window for the 2023-24 academic year is open now through Monday, May 1. Scholarships and financial aid are available. To learn more about the Academy or to apply, visit