August 2, 2018

CIM’s Sergei Babayan Signs Exclusive Recording Contract with Prestigious Deutsche Grammophon Label

Sergei Babayan
Piano faculty member and Artist-in-Residence Sergei Babayan is set to launch solo discography

Sergei Babayan, member of the Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM) Piano Faculty and Artist-in-Residence since 1992, has just signed an exclusive recording contract with Deutsche Grammophon (DG), the oldest and arguably most renowned classical record label in the world.

The July 19 announcement launches what will be the first of Babayan’s solo discography with a project pairing Mozart piano sonatas with a variety of pieces from different periods. Future recordings will explore works by composers essential to Sergei’s musical identity including Bach and Rachmaninov, as well as rarely heard repertoire and works by contemporary composers.

“This label represents the world and works of the artists I’ve admired most deeply throughout my life,” notes Babayan. “To be a DG artist today is, for me, the highest possible privilege.” He was first introduced to Deutsche Grammophon when he was 14 through Martha Argerich’s recording of Chopin’s E minor Concerto. “That formed me as a musician,” he added, “and to this day, continues to be one of my guiding lights.”

“We at CIM applaud Sergei’s recognition by DG and congratulate him on this major accomplishment in his continuing and significant career,” said Dr. Judy Bundra, CIM’s Chief Academic Officer and Dean of the Conservatory. “Sergei exemplifies of the quality of our CIM faculty, and we are beyond proud to have him inspiring the next generation of CIM piano students.”

“Dazzling virtuosity, the utmost expressive honesty, and exquisite eloquence are some of the essential ingredients that make Sergei Babayan’s playing so unique,” observed Deutsche Grammophon President Dr. Clemens Trautmann. “Sergei’s creativity stems from both his virtuosic instrumental mastery and his in-depth understanding of music and intellectual history. His duo partnerships with Martha Argerich and Daniil Trifonov on Prokofiev for Two and Chopin Evocations underlined what we already knew about his musicianship, revealing the incredible depth of his passion and compassion as an artist.”