March 27, 2015

Congratulations to the 2015 Spring Concerto Competition winners!

Congratulations to the 2015 Spring Concerto Competition winners!
Pictured, 2012 Concerto Competition winner, violist Rimbo Wong

CIM would like to offer its congratulations to Yuri Noh (piano, Schenly / Paik), Michael Siess (violin, Preucil), Bethany Hargreaves (viola, Irvine) and Genevieve Smelser (violin, Rose) who were announced winners of Spring Concerto Competition and to Pablo Griggio (violin, Zenaty) and Chloé Thominet (viola, Irvine) who received honorable mentions. The winners of the competition earned coveted solo spots to perform with the CIM Orchestra in the fall.

The faculty jury reported that the competition showcased a wonderfully high level of performing which made the panel’s job an extremely challenging one. The jury was looking for both excellence in performance and good programming.

Bethany Hargreaves was grateful to be chosen as a winner of the competition. “It was such an honor and a lovely surprise when we found out about the competition results!” she said. “I know that all of our friends and colleagues who competed sounded absolutely amazing. I’m thankful for all of the teachers and collaborative pianists who have given so much of their time and support to all of us. We cannot wait to share our music with everyone next semester!”

In previous years, the competition consisted of only one round during which students would play 10 minutes of a concerto, including various portions of all movements. But the level of playing kept rising, and the jury decided in 2012 to add a second round, increasing the intensity of the competition. During the second round the competitors must perform the entire concerto, excluding the tutti and repeats. The results of adding another round proved an excellent addition for determining which musicians are truly prepared to step into the soloist spotlight.