October 11, 2016

Distance Learning kicks off the 2016-17 Global Audition Training Program

Global Audition Training Program photo

In the span of one hour, CIM student Sydney Lee auditioned for faculty in China, Denmark and Miami Florida, without leaving Cleveland. Lee launched this year’s Global Audition Training Program (GATP) where CIM students and faculty connect with partner institutions, Royal Danish Academy of Music, New World Symphony and the Shanghai Conservatory of Music to provide students with international audition training. Lee, from oboe department head Frank Rosenwein’s studio, performed a mock audition via video conferencing for Max Artved of RDAM, Robert Atherholt of NWS and Prof. Minghun Sun of SCOM. Once Lee finished, students from the other conservatories performed, each student receiving feedback from those institutions’ faculty members.

Gregory Howe, the director of the Distance Learning program, explains that the goal of GATP is to discover the differences in style from country to country, continent to continent. “A CIM player would be prepared to go on and audition for the Royal Danish Symphony Orchestra after this program.” In addition to participating in front of the camera, students are encouraged to observe the GATP sessions from Studio B as they would a masterclass, gaining insight from the international instruction and discussion. The second GATP session this year will be held later this month and focus on the bassoon.