October 2, 2015

Faculty Leads "Fresh Spin" on Legendary 1968 Recording

Faculty Leads "Fresh Spin" on Legendary 1968 Recording

Michael Sachs, CIM trumpet department head and principal trumpet of The Cleveland Orchestra lead the National Brass Ensemble in performing a new take on the legendary Antiphonal Music of Gabrieli recording. The original 1968 recording was done by members of the brass sections of The Cleveland Orchestra, Philadelphia Orchestra and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Today, many of the members of the National Brass Ensemble remember the original players as “the guys that inspired us and were really our heroes, and who we looked up to as the finest brass players in the country,” Sachs told the Chicagoist.

Sachs serves as the artistic director of the National Brass Ensemble which is formed by brass players from the top orchestras in the country including Cleveland, New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and San Francisco. “You're in the middle of a rehearsal, even a concert, and you hear something that's so extraordinary that it’s like a comet flying by—I wanted this to be as much fun as possible, and as satisfying musically as possible in every way, and I feel like we got very lucky and the people we got together, we got exactly that and more,” Sachs said.

To read the full interview with Michael Sachs click here.

Photo: The Chicagoist | Courtesy of The National Brass Ensemble