June 25, 2024

Long list of job appointments, competition wins testifies anew to ‘The CIM Advantage’

The CIM exterior in spring, with tulips.

“The CIM Advantage" is no mere catchphrase. It’s a genuine phenomenon, evidenced by the incredible ongoing success of the school’s alumni.   

Skeptical? Consider the list below.   

Gathered there is news from dozens of former CIM students enjoying new professional appointments or competition success. Many have joined the ranks of major orchestras while others won prizes or were hired by leading universities or arts organizations.   

“The world’s most talented young musicians come to CIM to train for professional careers,” said Paul W. Hogle, President & CEO of CIM.  

“They know a CIM education gives them the ‘Advantage’ as they pursue their most ambitious goals and dreams.”   

Over the course of the past 12 months, dozens of CIM graduates won prestigious prizes or earned appointments ranging from seats in major orchestras and chamber ensembles to a wide array of academic and administrative posts. 

These alumni hailed from all the over the U.S. and around the world and included degree holders from CIM’s undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs as well as its Young Artist Program, Artist Diploma, and Professional Studies tracks.  

Among the many appointments were positions in the famous “Big Five” orchestras of Cleveland and Philadelphia as well as the internationally esteemed orchestras of Cincinnati, Seattle, Louisville, and Milwaukee. Together, these groups figure among the vanguard of classical music and the nation’s cultural beacons.    

CIM alumni also won prominent positions in regional orchestras and earned faculty appointments at noted colleges, universities, or conservatories. Others found success at the administrative level, landing posts with major performing arts institutions.    

All of these victors and new appointees join the throng of CIM alumni populating the world of music. For 104 years and counting, CIM graduates have gone on to command the most celebrated stages – including Cleveland’s own Severance Music Center – and to win awards, compose impactful new music, and produce celebrated recordings. 

“Every one of CIM’s programs and degree tracks is designed to put students on the road to success,” said Scott Harrison, CIM’s Executive Vice President & Provost. “We take great pride in seeing our graduates fulfill their dreams and potential, accomplishing exactly what CIM prepared them for.”  



  • Kyung Ah Oh (BM ’15, PS ’17, Kwuon), first violin, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra 

  • Thomas Bandar (MM ’06, Irvine), visiting instructor of viola and violin, Concordia College 

  • John Bian (MM ’16, Preucil), second violin, Philadelphia Orchestra  

  • Kayla Bryan (MM ’24, I. Kaler), second violin, The Louisville Orchestra 

  • Karisa Chiu (MM ’24, Laredo/Lowe), second prize, 2024 New York Classic Violin Competition 

  • Jinjoo Cho (YAP ’06, BM ’11, MM ’13, PS ’15, Kantor/Laredo), associate professor of violin, Bienen School of Music, Northwestern University 

  • Jungmin Choi (AD ’20, I. Kaler), first prize, 5th Alice Schoenfeld International String Competition 

  • Anthony Cosio-Marron (BM ’18, La Rosa), assistant principal trombone, Nashville Symphony 

  • Caleb Cox (MM ’21, AD ’23, Jackobs/Vernon), viola, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra 

  • Paolo Dara (GD ’24, Rose), principal viola, Grand Rapids Symphony 

  • Ryan Finefrock (MM ’14, Clouser), manager of personnel, The Cleveland Orchestra 

  • Morgan Flanigan (BM ’22, MM ’24, Brown), grand prize, Rising Star category, 2023 Chicago International Music Competition 

  • Jessamyn Fry (BM ’21, Kraut), interim principal cello, The Louisville Orchestra 

  • Gabriel Gaw (BM ’24, Dixon), double bass, Canton Symphony Orchestra 

  • Jake Gerritsen (MM ’22, Dixon), double bass, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra 

  • Meagan Gillis (MM ’14, Yancich), principal timpani, Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra 

  • Dylan Glenn (MM ’18, Billions), first prize and Best Performance of a Spanish Work, XXVI Certamen Internacional Jóvenes Intérpretes «Pedro Bote» 

  • Rebekah Hou (MM ’24, Kondonassis), first prize, Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra’s 2024 Concerto Competition 

  • Remy Howard (Dixon), assistant principal bass, Akron Symphony Orchestra 

  • Jessica Hung (BM ’07, Rose), associate concertmaster, North Carolina Symphony 

  • Aika Ito (AD ’14, Rose), second violin, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra 

  • Maggie Johns (MM ’24, Brown), second prize, 2023 American Virtuoso International Music Competition 

  • Emma Kosht (BM ’23, Sachs), orchestra librarian, Alabama Symphony Orchestra 

  • Daniel Kaler (BM ’20, Kosower), associate principal cello, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra 

  • Timothy Kantor (MM ’09, Kantor), senior lecturer in violin, Sydney Conservatorium of Music 

  • Minju Kim (BM ’09, MM ’11, Kantor/Rose), assistant professor of violin, Boston University School of Music 

  • Shanie Klas (GD ’24, Damoulakis/Yancich), percussion, Canton Symphony Orchestra 

  • Katherine Kobylarz (MM ’18, Rose), violin, Naples Philharmonic Orchestra  

  • Courtney Elise LeBauer (DMA ’02, Preucil), professor of violin, Converse University Petrie School of Music 

  • Ji-Yeon Lee (PS ’19, Rose), first violin, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra 

  • Soo Ji Lee (Brown), grand prize, 2023 Young Soloist International Music Competition; “Platinum Award,” 2024 Euterpe Music Awards in Piano 

  • Marquise Lindsey-Bradley (BM ’23, Yusuf), marketing & engagement director, Philadelphia Chamber Music Society 

  • Muyu Liu (BM ’24, Pompa-Baldi), second prize, 1st Gunma International Music Competition 

  • Sam McDaniel (MM '24, Wilson), Director of Music, Saint James School (Hagerstown, MD)

  • Dominick McDonald (BM ’23, Damoulakis/Yancich), percussion, Ashland Symphony Orchestra 

  • Boson Mo (BM ’11, Kantor), concertmaster, The Phoenix Symphony  

  • Ian Morin (MM ’18, Stees), second bassoon, Toledo Symphony Orchestra 

  • Icy Nguyen (Brown), 1er Prize à l’unanimité, 2024 Paris International Music Competition 

  • Thomas Park (BM ’13, King), horn, Jacksonville Symphony 

  • Alexander Pride (BM ’09, Sachs), trumpet, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra 

  • Joshua Rodriguez (MM ’11, Fitch), associate professor, Elmhurst University 

  • Gabriel Ramos (MM ’22, Kraut), cello, The Louisville Orchestra 

  • Chelsea Rose Friedlander (BM ’10, Schiller), U.S. Army Chorus 

  • Erik Schweikert (BM ’86, Yancich/Weiner), principal timpani, Seattle Symphony Orchestra  

  • Joseph Skerik (BM ’22, Irvine), viola, Vega Quartet 

  • Jaclyn Surso (BM ’08, MM ’09, Schiller), adjunct professor of voice, High Point University 

  • Gerald Torres (PS ’11, Bradetich/Dimoff), double bass, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra  

  • Karl Wohlwend (MM ’93, Holmquist), associated faculty, Ohio State University 

  • Eric Wong (BM ’08, MM ’10, Irvine/Ramsey), assistant professor of viola, Vanderbilt University 

  • Shira Ziv (BM ’23, Schiller), 1er Prize à l’unanimité, 2024 Paris International Music Competition