May 26, 2021

Looking Forward to Summer 2021!

Hosanna Carella and Lydia Rhea in Sarajevo, Bosnia
Co-author Hosanna Carella with cellist Lydia Rhea (Kraut) in Sarajevo, Bosnia

By: Hosanna Carella & Ella Sobkowicz

CIM’s Newsroom includes a student-led blog with posts covering a variety of topics, including the CIM admissions process, student life, and interviews with faculty, students and alumni. CIM professional studies violinist Hosanna Carella, who is currently studying with Jan Sloman and Jaime Laredo, also received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at CIM. Undergraduate soprano Isabella (Ella) Sobkowicz is currently studying with Mary Schiller in CIM’s Voice program; both are regular voices on the blog.

After a year of compromising, adapting to new situations, and finding our new normal, we can finally look enthusiastically to summer adventures. While CIM students continued to hone their musical crafts with determination and motivation, it was also a year of great personal growth and development in adaptation, resilience and empathy.

This week, CIM students share what they are looking forward to most this summer, from adventures in the kitchen, to trips with friends, to music festivals. Below are responses from some of our students about what they are looking forward to most this summer:

Master’s student JW Keckley (Blumberg) and freshman Gabriel Stossel (Fitch) are both looking forward to spending time in nature this summer. JW has a camping trip planned to the Badlands and Yellowstone, as well as plans to bike in Wisconsin. Gabe has local forests near his home, and he is excited to explore them with his family and friends.

Violinists James Gikas (Rose) and Masato Chang (Laredo/Sloman) and violist Ariel Chen (Irvine) will all be attending the Heifetz Institute. When they are not at the festival, they are delighted to spend time with their families and friends.

First years Ben Mekinulov (Kraut) and Serena Bangia (Damoulakis/Yancich) both have furry friends at home that they are excited to spend time with! Ben plans to pet his cat, and Serena is looking forward to spending time with her dog. When she is not playing with her dog, Serena is also excited to be attending the National Youth Orchestra program.

Lexy Jensen (Schiller) said: “This summer I am excited to keep myself busy working a full-time job at a local flower shop and taking classes in the evening. More than anything, I am excited to be back with my family and be able to share meals with them again! I will miss my CIM family over the break, but I also look forward to sharing how much I will have learned when we return.”

Freshman Martha Sprague (Robinson) said, “I want to cook my way through a whole cookbook this summer!”

Violist Erika Cho (Irvine) is grateful for all the opportunities she has this upcoming summer to continue growing musically. She says, “I am going to Online Solo Strings to work with Victoria Chang and Heidi Castleman, the Karen Tuttle Workshop, and Green Mountain where I am studying with Caroline Coade. After that, I am going to pursue my love for teaching by volunteering at my former youth orchestra’s summer academy. Other than that, I am super excited to go back home to my mom’s cooking, the comfort of my own bed, and hanging out with my sister.”

First year singers Caroline Friend (Kuznetsova), Annalyn Gauger (Kuznetsova), Gillian Beckman (Schiller) and Elliot Snell (Billions) are all looking forward to getting summer jobs, in addition to practicing. Caroline is especially excited to sing in her parish choir and Annalyn hopes to get a job in a bookstore.

Grayson Eichmeier (Rathbun) and Kaylee Bontrager (Lee/Setzer) are both looking forward to spending time with their fully vaccinated friends and family as well as continuing to study their instruments. Grayson plans to continue honing his skills on oboe, and Kaylee is looking forward to playing wedding gigs.

It has been said that home is not the place, but the people whom we are surrounded by. This pandemic has emphasized the importance of surrounding ourselves with loved ones and celebrating the well-being of family and friends. In an era filled with unknowns, the healing balm of music has become irreplaceable. Despite all of the unknowns – growth, love, camaraderie and community remain paramount as we navigate our new normal.