October 10, 2014

Students featured on CBS's "On the Road with Steve Hartman"

On Friday, October 10 CBS Evening News with Scott Pelly aired it’s popular segment, “On the Road with Steve Hartman,” featuring Cleveland Institute of Music students Daniel Parvin and Marissa Plank, the artists-in-residence at Judson Manor, a senior living community.

Parvin, a DMA piano student of Anita Pontremoli, and Plank, a second year graduate student studying flute with Joshua Smith, live full time at Judson Manor. In exchange for living there rent free, the students provide the residents with performances and other cultural programming. Although they have their own apartments, both CIM students regularly join the residents for chats or coffee in the lobbies and communal spaces of the home.

Judson is located in the culturally vibrant University Circle area and has benefited from its proximity to CIM, hosting performances by students throughout the year. In 2010, the senior living community created the artist-in-residence program to secure more regular entertainment with the budding, professional-level student musicians.

Interested in this program and the intergenerational relationships it fostered, CBS stopped by both CIM and Judson to learn more, interviewing Plank, Parvin and 93-year-old resident, Clara Catliota, who says the program “gives us joy – my gosh, it's lovely.”

Learn more about this special program by reading the article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer (available on Cleveland.com) as well as checking out the Judson Smart Living blog post.

Update (10/14/14): Watch the segment online at cbsnews.com.