October 20, 2017

Swagelok Executives Learn About Leadership, Teamwork & Creativity from CIM Students, Faculty

Swagelok participants

Cleveland Institute of Music hosted executive leaders from Swagelok Company—including Robert Wilson who serves as a CIM trustee—on October 13 for a day of innovative thinking with performing musicians and CIM faculty.

With the help from CIM students and faculty, Swagelok leaders left the institute with a better understanding of how to explore and harness creativity, teamwork and communication skills using classical music training techniques; a nontraditional approach to every-day workplace habits and obstacles.

Swagelok team members were challenged to identify current workplace problems they aim to solve, and through active observation and discussions with performing musicians, they considered how to create open dialogue and spaces for addressing these issues. To aid in this discovery process, team members and students explored diversity of thought and creativity through musical composition.

The thought of evolving corporate culture and driving positive change through fresh, unconventional methods, such as through a Eurhythmics exercise, inspired leaders to approach situations, leadership classes and trainings differently.

“The feedback has been tremendously positive,” said Dr. Joyce Griggs, vice president and director of CIM’s Center for Innovative Musicianship. Swagelok participants encouraged CIM to open up this day-long session to other corporations and integrate segments into leadership training classes. Compared to other training sessions, one participant said this was the best day-long event they’ve experienced.