March 23, 2020

Tune In To Weekly Social Media Showcase of Student and Faculty Concerts from the CIM Archives

Archival video project

Concerts by the Cleveland Institute of Music are still being played – on the Institute’s Facebook page.

To showcase the incredible talent of CIM’s students and faculty and continue to deliver the joy of music to Cleveland and the world, beginning Monday, March 23, the 100-year-old Conservatory will post archival video recordings of some of its most spectacular ensemble, opera and solo performances every Monday and Wednesday at 6pm and Friday at 12:30pm.

“For 100 years, the Cleveland Institute of Music has engaged in bringing classical music to the lives of our patrons, the citizens of Cleveland and around the world,” said Paul W. Hogle, CIM’s president and CEO. “Music is a wonderful way of bringing people together. During this time of uncertainty in the world, we want to continue paying our civic rent the best way possible – with the type of extraordinary music-making CIM students and faculty are known for. It is our hope to bring a smile to the faces of every person in the world who loves music.”



  • Cleveland Institute of Music Orchestra
  • Carl Topilow, conductor


BRAHMS Symphony No. 1 in C minor, Op. 68

Original performance date: September 15, 2017




  • Nathaniel Heyder, violin
  • Gloria Parn, violin
  • Maya Johnson, violin
  • Jerome McCoy, viola
  • Samantha Powell, cello
  • Paul Maxwell, cello
  • Stephen Castiglione, double bass


ADAMS Shaker Loops (1978), movement 1

Original performance date: November 21, 2019 


FRIDAY, MARCH 27 at 12:30pm


  • Stephen Hawkey, cello
  • Jane Liu, piano


FRANCK Sonata for Cello and Piano in A Major

Original performance date: November 25, 2019


Videos will be available for three days for those wanting to enjoy the music, but can’t do so on the first available date. For the weekly schedule and to access each performance, check out CIM’s Facebook page