May 20, 2022

Words to Remember: 2022 Honors Convocation and Commencement

Master's harp graduate Juan Riveros with his family
Master's harp graduate Juan Riveros with his family

CIM's Honors Convocation and Commencement ceremonies have come and gone, but last weekend's memories and messages linger. Join us in congratulating the remarkable, resilient Class of 2022 as they become our newest alumni and the future of classical music.

Scott Harrison
Scott Harrison, Executive Vice President & Provost

"This Honors Convocation has highlighted the exceptional achievements of CIM students, alumni and faculty, giving us even greater insight into the creativity, conviction, and compassion that drives our learning environment and shapes the careers of CIM’s remarkable graduates. The work that begins here in Cleveland ripples out to communities worldwide, in ways as distinct and diverse as the 102 students graduating tomorrow." —Scott Harrison

Niki Anthony, Michelle Cann, Jerod Tate
L to R: Niki Anthony, Michelle Cann (Alumni Achievement Awardee), Jerod Impichchaachaaha’ Tate (Distinguished Alumni Awardee)

"Looking back at my time as a student, the biggest obstacle to my vision was myself. I didn’t truly believe in “Michelle,” and didn’t understand and appreciate the power of my uniqueness as a person and a musician—and as a pianist of color. I didn’t understand and appreciate how every part of me is beautiful. I bring something unique to the stage." —Michelle Cann (BM '09, MM '10)

"What I hope you take away from Ryan’s story is that while mastery of your craft or your instrument is important, don’t forget the importance of what I consider Ryan’s true talents—storytelling through music, the joy of performing, sharing a connection and inspiration with the audience and building comradery with fellow musicians." —Niki Anthony, on behalf of Distinguished Alumni Awardee Ryan Anthony (BM ’91, MM ’93, Zauder)

"Y’all are exceptionally trained musicians. You are, in fact, the best musicians on the planet and there are as many ways to be a musician as there are musicians. Please spare yourself the misery of thinking you must win any specific audition or competition or position. Please afford yourselves an ongoing optimism of perseverance, coupled with following life on life’s terms." —Jerod Impichchaachaaha’ Tate (MM ’00, Pastor/Erb)

"Success is happiness and contentment in your life as an artist. If you don’t see a space that fits you, create your own and make that space large enough to help others feel that they too belong in this world. Success is about serving your community of artists, your larger community, and the future of this art form. Your strength, and by extension, your success, comes from the inventiveness of your ideas, your mission, your purpose in life and the community that you give to and bring with you." —Jennifer Koh

"Today, I hope you leave Kulas Hall with a deep appreciation for your time at CIM and a strong commitment to use your education, energy, enthusiasm, and training to make this a better world. I hope you will always remember the first time you arrived in University Circle, at CIM, and will cherish the friends and the memories you have made during your years at this remarkable place. You have inspired me by your music, your passion, your resilience, and your humanity." —Paul W. Hogle, President & CEO

CIM Leadership and Jennifer Koh
Jennifer Koh receives her Honorary Doctorate in Kulas Hall with L to R: Susan Rothmann, Paul W. Hogle, Dean Southern, Scott Harrison