Soprano Emily Stauch has been described as having a voice which is versatile “...huge energy and smooth high notes...” and expressive “...reflecting light in the music of Mozart...” and “...accomplishing coloration with such aplomb that it appeared to be effortless.” A voice, piano, and language/diction instructor for many years, Ms. Stauch speaks French, German and Swedish. She has also has worked with patients recovering from vocal fold injuries in conjunction with laryngologists and speech pathologists.


  • The Catholic University of America, cum laude (with Dr. Michael Cordovana)
  • Studies in Munich with Dr. Lydia Buschmann
  • Current studies with Jane Eaglen

Teaching Experience

  • Cleveland Institute of Music
    • 2012–present
  • Case Western Reserve University
    • Voice faculty
  • Private studio
    • Medina, Ohio