September 25, 2015

Alums Earn Orchestra Jobs in Baltimore, Atlanta, Virginia and Omaha

Good news travels fast! And this week CIM had plenty of it, with five alums reporting new positions in orchestras around country. The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra welcomed Boram Kang (MM ’06, PS ’08, Preucil) who earned a section second violin position and Kevin Smith (MM ’15, Rose) who earned a section first violin position and will serve as acting assisting concertmaster for the 2015-16 season. Michael Ashton (BM ’07, Bradetich/Dimoff) joins the Virginia Symphony Orchestra as a double bass player and Karl Fenner (BM '04, Dimoff) won a double bass position with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Yu Zhang (DMA ’15 - Schenly/Brown) joins the Omaha Symphony as principal keyboard. Congrats all!

More about the artists:

Boram Kang served as concertmaster at the Pacific Music Festival in Japan and as a member of the Canton Symphony Orchestra and the Akron Symphony Orchestra. She also served as Assistant concertmaster of the Louisville Orchestra for the 2012-13 season and most recently, as the fixed forth chair of the Colorado Symphony.

Michael Ashton is the assistant principal in the Greensboro Symphony and plays in numerous orchestras on the East Coast.

Kevin Smith was a member of the Akron and Canton Symphony Orchestras, acted as concertmaster for the Youngstown Symphony Orchestra and has performed with The Cleveland Orchestra.

Karl Fenner is currently serving as double bassist with the Colorado Symphony. He has worked as a bass instructor at University of Colorado Boulder and was a section bassist with the New World Symphony.

Yu Zhang served as principal keyboard of the National Repertory Orchestra in 2013. He joined the New World Symphony in the fall of 2014 as a keyboard fellow. Zhang is also a piano maintenance technician at CIM.